Ash of Invisibility

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The ashes are kept inside a silk pouch. When the pouch is shaken, the ashes dust an area of the possessor's choice. All things dusted by the ashes reflect and bend light, thus rendering a unit invisible. Area of effect: all units

Item Details
Name Ash of Invisibility
Attribute Lesser Oneuse Battle
Charge turn 0


  • Adds 6 initiative to the Primary and Extra Attacks all friendly units.
    • Any unit having an initiative above 6 (from multiple modifiers) is treated as having an initiative of 6 when the battle starts
    • On-color Icon PHANTASM.gifParalyze will cancel out the effect of Ash of Invisibility as it sets initiative to 6 and on-color Paralyze subtracts 6 initiative
    • In the rare case of both the Attacker and the Defender using Ash of Invisibility (and no other initiative-modifying spells/items are used), both sides start the battle with initiatives of 6. This causes the battle to start with attacks from the top stacks while the first hitter is selected at random. This scenario is repeated for all other stacks, from top to bottom in order

Lesser Items

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