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This is a protection feature for beginning mages.

  • You enter Council Protection
    • When you are troopless and drop below 1500 acres within your first 2000 turns.
    • When you use the Unique Item Orb of Protection
  • but never during during Armageddon
  • Entering Council Protection means:
    • no attacks, not even counters, possible on you for 48 hours or until you move one turn.
    • dispelling of all your enchantments
    • main page will show a message 'You are under protection of the Council'.
    • the ranklists display your P status


  • Inexperienced / not wiki-reading players may enter it coincidently.
  • Deliberate entering Council Protection for some is useful during research.... set up your country without troops and just more than 1500 land. You lose one attack and after that can wait for full turns. You may wish to recast Concentration.
  • When you log in and find yourself in Council Protection: THINK IF YOU SHOULD MOVE OR WAIT FOR TURNS WHILE ENJOYING YOUR PROTECTION
  • See Orb of Protection for usage of that Unique.
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