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Swirling mist can be seen in the heart of this scrying device. A mage can see into any location simply by concentrating hard on it. Target = Enemy Mage

Item Details
Name Crystal Ball
Attribute Lesser Oneuse
Charge turn 0


  • Spies on target enemy mage, revealing bits of information about that mage, such as number of buildings, units in army, stack order, number of units, etc.
    • The information provided by a Crystal Ball is not complete; for example, it might reveal the 8th and 10th stacks in the target enemy mage's army, but nothing else
    • The Crystal Ball must pass barriers to take effect
  • The Crystal Ball is similar to the Icon PHANTASM.gif spell Scrying Mirror, albeit less effective than the spell (although the item is not Spell Level-dependent)
  • The Unique Item Basin of Far Seeing has similar mechanics as the Crystal Ball, but reveals all information about target enemy mage, as opposed to bits and pieces

Lesser Items

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