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Enchantresses are elven women who are skilled in nature magic. Unlike druids, they focus on infusing magical power into inanimate objects, creating a union between nature and man. In times of peace, they focus on creating beneficial items, such as light globes and music boxes, but during war, their talents turn to enchanting ordinary weapons into artifacts of great power.

Hero Statistics
Profession Enchantress
Magic Speciality Verdant
Race Elf
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Female
Attack Power 4000 + 2000*level
Attack Type Magic Ranged
Counter Attack -
Hit Points 1600 + 800*level
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 1000*level gold 50 + 5*level m.p.
Abilities Enchant Weapon (14) Enchant Item (18)
Re PLAIN.jpg


Battle: Enchant Weapon (Lv.14)

  • Increases Accuracy, Primary and Counter AP by +5% + 1%/lvl
Each effect independently targets a  random stacks. Some or all of the effects may target the same stack.

Passive: Enchant Item (Lv.18)

  • Generates lesser items. The generation rate is independent of the number of Guilds. Items are generated approx once every 20-40 turns at skill level 1

Preferred Units


Her enchant weapon has three separate components namely accuracy, primary and counter bonuses. Each component triggers separately and affects only one random stack. Since there are three components, the enchant weapon buff shows up three times in the battle report and can land on the same stack.

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