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Firestorm is a battle spell cast by the Fire Elementalist hero of level 16 and higher:

  • Deals 40k*lvl FIRE damage to each enemy stack.
  • Is an Icon ERADICATION.gif Eradication spell and thus can be resisted, even better with the help of Resist Elements.
  • Excellent for clearing out fodder stacks.


Fire Elementalist other spell: Arcfire


Zorko Breeker is a Level 16 Fire Elementalist.

Zorko Breeker Fire Elementalist casted "Arcfire".

Zorko Breeker Fire Elementalist casted "Firestorm".
Enemy (#)'s 6 Chimera are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 20 Horned Demons are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 1 Liches are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 228 Zombies are slain.
Enemy (#)'s 555 Skeletons are slain.

Enemy (#)'s 155 Shadows are slain.
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