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This spell will fill the battleground with a thick mist of fog, reducing visibility for the armies. All units will suffer as they will have difficulty finding their enemies. Area of effect: all units.

Spell Statistics
Name Fog Cloud
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Simple
Attributes Instant/Battle
Cast Turn -
Cast M.P. 950
Research Cost 900
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


Decreases accuracy for all units in a battle, however every stack (friend and foe) gets a chance to resist on a stack by stack basis.

  • ONCOLORIcon PHANTASM.gif: 0.099541 * SL / MaxBlueSL = ~10% accuracy reduction
  • OFFCOLORIcon ASCENDANT.gifIcon NETHER.gif: 0.0497705 * SL / MaxBlueSL = ~3-4% accuracy reduction
  • OPPOSITEIcon ERADICATION.gifIcon VERDANT.gif: 0.02488525 * SL / MaxBlueSL = ~2% accuracy reduction
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