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Shunned by most other mages, Necromancers are practitioners of the dark art. Although they can employ a variety of deadly spells, their true power lies in their ability to animate corpse and control the undead. This is the Crypt Keeper’s annoying younger brother. Marginally worse in every way but you keep him around in case you need a punching bag or a fall guy.

Hero Statistics
Profession Necromancer
Magic Speciality Nether
Race Undead
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Male
Attack Power 5000 + 2500*level
Attack Type Magic Ranged
Counter Attack -
Hit Points 1600 + 800*level
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 100*level gold 50 + 10*level m.p. 10 + 5*level population
Abilities Chill Touch (9) Necromancy (14) Animate Dead (16)
Re PLAIN.jpg


Battle: Chill Touch (Lv.9)

  • Deals 4k + 2k/lvl COLD damage to one random enemy stack
  • Reduces Primary and Counter AP of the damaged stack by 2% + 1%/lvl
  • This ability can be resisted

Passive: Necromancy (Lv.14)

  • Reduces upkeep of your undead units by 2% + 1%/lvl

Battle: Animate Dead (Lv.16)

  • Resurrects 3% + 1%/lvl of your slain undead units at the end of each battle

Preferred Units

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