The Spider's Web

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The Spider's Web ejects a sticky liquid from a metal tube, when the button is pressed. The sticky liquid transforms into a thick web, which strikes every enemy units, slowing down that unit's attack. The technological mystery of how to enclose such webs inside a small tube, as well as the material of the tube and the web itself, suggest an alien origin for this item. Area of Effect: all enemy units

Item Details
Name The Spider's Web
Attribute Lesser Oneuse Battle
Charge turn 0


  • Reduces the initiative of all enemy units by 1 during battle
    • Essentially, this means that any unit with an initiative of 1 that becomes affected by the Web will NOT attack with their Primary or Extra Attack when their initiatives are reduced to 0
    • An Ash of Invisibility effectively trumps a Spider's Web as all units affected by both will have their initiatives set to 5 which would still allow them to attack first in the large majority of instances

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