A Basic Guide to Verdancy

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Verdancy is the color of Nature, Growth and Purity.

In this guide I will focus on the basic principles of playing a green mage. There is no secret strategy

revealed, but by reading this a beginner should be able to enjoy playing a Verdant mage and understand the

principles. I do not claim to know all the secrets. What I write is not undisputeable. If you don't like

mine, go and find your own truth!


Researching a green mage is no different from the other colors, so I skip this point. There are enough research guides around.



  • Sunray (50000 mana, 10 turns, 100 Mana Upkeep)

Effects: Sunray gives your country a SL-dependent resistance to Nether and Phantasm spells. Basic Range: ~29% on APP Server, ~39% on an ultimate server, more with enhanced Spell Level.

  • Weather Summoning (50000, 8, 400)

Effects: Weather Summoning improves your country's Farm/town ratio to close to 2:1. This enchantment lets you support more towns with fewer farms, increasing your population and geld income.

  • Plant Growth (30000, 3, 500)

Effects: at full spell level give Plantfolk 3-times their base HP and AP

  • Nature's Favor (100000, 8, 1000)

Effects: Summons units every turn (13-14 Treants, 100-120 Nymphs, 240-290 Dryads) and makes your farms and towns yield more geld, improving your farm/town ratio to better than 2:1 (with WS active).

  • Nature's Lore (300000, 10, 300)

Effects: When you explore, you get a bonus of 50% land extra each turn, with a minimum of 1 extra land per turn (you can explore past the set "explore limit"). Elves get a bonus in battle.

  • Summon Locust Swarm (20000, 4, 1000)

Effects: Lowers food productions (to be cast on enemy)

Combat Spells

  • Wooden Soul (Casting Cost 600)


  • Web of the Spider Woman (600)


  • Eye of the Eagle (600)


  • Nature's Cure (2000)


  • Regeneration (30000)


  • Stunning Beauty (3000)


  • Enlarge Animal (3900)


  • Rust Armor (20000)


  • Call Hurricane (20000)


Summoning Spells

  • Summon Dryad (Casting Cost 3000, Casting Turns 1)
  • Animal Summoning (5600, 1)
  • Summon Nymph (7900, 2)
  • Summon Werebear (29500, 2)
  • Call Treants (34600, 4)
  • Call Phoenix (300000, 8)
  • Call Creeping Vines (3000, 1)
  • Call Mandrake (29500, 2)
  • Call Griffon (34600, 4)
  • Summon Earth Elemental (300000, 8)
  • Note: Natures Favor is an enchantment that summons Treants, Nymphs and Dryads.

Other Spells

  • Serenity (200000, 5, -)
  • Cancellation (1000000, 20, -)


Just like any other color, Verdant profits greatly from certain heros. The only special case is the Shaman, a hero who boosts your treefolk considerably. On higher levels the 'Wall of Thorns' ability slows an enemy stack by one per level.


Basically the typical Green stacking includes:

Phoenix/Trees Trees/EEs Mandrakes Efreeti Ranged fodder (EMs, Dryad, Nymph, EAs, Druids, etc.)

Another variant is the flying green stacking, typically including

Griffons Phoenix AAs Chims Pegs FDs

When I use flyers only, I tend to go for 3 close top stacks of Griffons, Phoenix and Archangels, followed by as many small fodder stacks as I can manage to get. Assignment is Enlarge Animal plus Satchel or some other defensive item. This stacking is great against most Reds and generally useful in defense, but it has 2 major weaknesses: Greens with CH and Trees top tend to rip your Griffons apart and good blue mages stacking especially against you. Even a White mage who manages to get Oil Flasks through your defense can win by letting your Nixies burst to death.

Additional suggestions:

Once you're at the explore limit, people will start stacking deeper, so you need to hide your fodder deeper. Green's big strength is plant growth+ trees top (and by that I mean a LOT of trees, 2-3x your land at mid-size). Then you want your ultimates, both of them if you have the mana for it, phoenixes if you have to pick, then your mandrakes, then a few units to push fatigue/fodder down. Some good, low-mana midstacks are unicorns, efreeti, and werebears (keep your WBs beneath unis or efreet). Finally you get to your nymphs and dryads from NF.

When attacking blues or whites on this amount of land, consider CH/vial or CH/missile shield. Much cheaper than buying the carpet for rust/carpet or SoL/carpet and blue units especially get kicked by the poison.

Before you put enchantments on yourself, you should get Magic favor. Leave them all on until you get a spell of the market or out of a unique item, and then get Magic favor again and recast. Otherwise, run Moon+Lucifer favor.

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