Attack Limitation

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Attack limitation is in the game to avoid bullying of low powered tiny kingdoms (such as of those mages that have just reincarnated) by massive kingdoms of more powerful mages (such as those dominating the upper ranks). The limitation is based on net power (as is the rank list).

  • Attack limitation applies to Siege, Regular and Pillage attacks.
    • Mages may attack any mage that is within 80% to 200% of his own net power.
    • This implies that you may be attacked by any mage that is within 50% to 125% of your power.
  • Armageddon casters are not subject to Attack limitations
  • Mages that have counters are not power limited when they decide to attack in revenge and neither are mages that are enchanted by others.
    • Note that there is some limitation on taking land, population and geld when countering: when attacker net power is over twice defender net power, no resources are transfered: 'war booties are lost on the return'.
  • Spells and items are not subject to Attack Limitation.
    • a mage can throw items on any other mage
    • a mage can unleash a spell on any other mage
    • a mage can cast an enchantment over any other mage
    • In the above cases, effect may be smaller if larger power differences are envolved, and this can be considered some form of Attack Limitation too.