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The Cemetery

"You have been executed." - a sad message that means your mage has been defeated. The remnants of your kingdom become part of the cemetery, where your dead body will fade away over the rest of the server round. It is game over and you'll have to reincarnate a new mage again. Your grave stone on the cemetery will tell you how and why you died.

The death of a mage can have many causes.

1. Volunteerly departure from Terra (suicide), as found under options in main screen. If you edit your description just before, you can control your last words.

2. Deleted for inactivity - mages that have not been logged in to for longer than 2 weeks are automatically deleted.

3. Killed in Battle - You lost a siege attack that took your final fort.

4. Killed because of no geld - You had no geld (and probably no pop) for several turns and couldn't upkeep your final fort.

5. Killed under enchantment - Some enchantments make you lose geld, population, troops and buildings (and through that other resources). If these enchantments destroy your last fort, you die.

6. Killed by spells/items - Some spells and items make you lose geld, population, troops and buildings instantaneously. If these destroy your last fort, you die.

7. Armageddon - Even when you survive the full 24 hours of it's duration, you'll still die. If you are ranking in the Top 10 at the very last moment, your cemetery will be the Hall of Fame, which will never be cleared.

Note that the game protects you from being killed too easily in various ways, execept during Armageddon when it becomes very likely that you are killed in battle.

The Decalogue

The rules of playing The Reincarnation are delineated in the Decalogue of Terra, which breaks its common sense policies into ten sections. Before playing the game you must be aware of these rules. Each player is requested to read the policies before playing; hence ignorance is not an excuse for misconduct.

Punishments for violations

If you come under investigation for misconducts and are found guilty of violating the Decalogue of Terra, your mage will be punished. Most commonly the extremely deadly spell Frozen Hell will be placed on your kingdom. In less extreme circumstances turns will be taken away from your mage (Time Twister, while in more extreme circumstances your mage will be deleted Fury of God. In some cases (hacking attempts, amongst others) your IP address may be banned and you will not be tolerated to play The Reincarnation again.

Reporting misconducts

If you wish to report another mage for violating the Decalogue, choose the link ‘Contact Information’ that can be found on the game’s portal page).

Multi-maging and Milking

Multi-maging and Milking are the most common violations of the game rules as written down in the Decalogue. Apparently, for many players it is very tempting to reincarnate extra characters on the same server, to twist the odds a bit. This form of cheaying is known as multi-maging and clearly is not tolerated. Multi-maging is actively monitored for by developers and players using various techniques. Cheating will result in deletion of all characters of the player. Another activity that is not done is having someone play a dedicated character that your mage ‘milks’ under prearranged conditions (as to grab land or transfer geld or population easily). This is known as ‘milking’ and clearly is not tolerated.

Most often Milking and multi-maging go hand in hand. Don’t multi mage, don’t milk, don’t cheat.

How to appeal when you are punished

If you are found guilty of a Decalogue violation, a message stating why you are being punished and what the punishment is will be sent to your registered email address. If you feel that you are being reprimanded unfairly you may respond to the game administrator who has punished you. When doing so, be sure to state your mage name and the server that you are playing on and state clearly why you believe your appeal should be accepted.

The Reincarnation's Bulletin Boards

The Universal Bulletin Boards (UBB) are accessible to all players of The Reincarnation. It is a place for everyone who wishes to interact with The Reincarnation community.

To post on the boards you must create a UBB account once (this is the mother account that also allows you to create mages).

Two dedicated forum folders for each server exist on the bulletin boards:

  • 1. The Banquet Hall – A board is for general discussion purposes.
  • 2. The Union of Honour – A board to locate potential allies and (if applicable) guild mates,

There is one common folder to discuss strategy and tactics (for all servers):

and there are many more forums aiming at The Reincarnations community as a whole, e.g.:

Note that all boards are moderated by grizzled, ornery The Reincarnation veterans who will not allow violation of the policies delineated in the Decalogue of Terra in posts (such as leaking sensitive in-game information). You may report abuse of the bulletin boards to the board’s moderators.