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This enchantment spell makes everyone in the country happy and live peacefully together in harmony. This greately increases both the population and geld growth rate, as your people become more productive. However, the people may refuse to fight as they become more and more peaceful, thus decreasing the fighting ability of your armies. The spell will also attract all kinds of Preachers to your country.

Spell Statistics
Name Love and Peace
Magic Speciality Ascendant
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 200,000
Research Cost 20,000
Upkeep Cost 500 m.p.
Related Unit


  • As of January 2007, the spell is now a permanent dispellable enchantment.
  • Increases all your units Hit Points by 25% and decreases all their Attack Power by 20%
  • A number of Preachers will join your army each turn. (Between 1 and Spell Level/10)
  • Reduces base geld upkeep of your units by (Spell Level / 8)% (or for those of us that hate fractions, SL*.125%), rounded to the nearest %
  • God's Love and Peace reduces army's geld upkeep by 97%
  • Increases Population growth by SL/1000.

Example: A spell level of 500 would

  • Reduce geld upkeep by 62.5% (500 / 8)
  • Recruit 1-50 preachers per turn. 1->(500 / 10)