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AbuseMaximizing the benefits of certain mechanics, as in abusing D status, Meditation, P status, etc. Generally speaking, most "abuse" in TR is not referring to something illegal.
AIArtificial Intelligence, refers to non-player controlled mage.
AMArchmage, original version of this type of game, developed by MARI. The Reincarnation originates from the Archmage players community.
AppApprentice Server, which has now been renamed Arch Server.
ArenaArena Archmage, the game's built in lookup tool
ArmaArmageddon, the final days of a reset
ASArchspace, another game developed by MARI. Has had it's own reincarnation (
AscIcon ASCENDANT.gif Ascendant, a magic speciality
AWArchwar Server
BarBarrier, type of building blocking enemy magic.
BangIn TR slang: Coordinated wave of attacks, items, spells targetting a single mage (e.g. a guild enemy)
BBQIn TR slang: An all-out attack, usually by a guild, on one or more mages. Usually includes attacks, spells and items
BCIt means either Battle Chant (a Icon ERADICATION.gif spell) or Blood Curse (a Icon NETHER.gif spell).
BlackIcon NETHER.gif Nether, a magic specialty
Blitz, B2Blitz Guild Server. Also BG or B2, terms from AM
BlueIcon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm, a magic specialty
BRBattle Report
Catfish, Catfishing Catfishing is TR-Slang for deliberately hanging out very low in the ranks, to finish off enemies that your guildmates send down to you (i.e. destroy their last forts). Etymology: Catfish are bottom-feeding scavenging freshwater fish.
DDamaged status, a form of Protection is received.
Descriptiontext entered by a mage on their Options screen and viewed by other mages via arena / the rank list
DisposablesDisposable Mages reincarnate again and again just to frustrate, annoy and terrorize players that maintain normal mages. It is regarded unwanted behaviour.
EradIcon ERADICATION.gif Eradication, a magic speciality
FoGFury of God, a punishment given for multimaging freezes your account
GamUsually refers to #gam, an IRC channel for Gay Asian Males. Has become AM/TR irc slang
GeddonArmageddon, the final days of a reset
GodsThe Pantheon of Immortals in TR, they can grant favor or disfavor to mages through donations.
GreenIcon VERDANT.gif Verdant, a magic speciality
GuildHas three meanings:
1. A group of mages who have registered their intent to coordinate as a team. A team of players.
2. A type of building in the game, associated to magic (spell research, item generation)
3. Guild Server. Also Server or S1, terms from AM
HallSee 'HoF'
HoFHall of Fame, the highest ranked 10 mages at the end of arma
HoIHall of Immortals, what the HoF is actually called
KenaJust... kena. (Malay for: strike! has become AM/TR IRC slang)
LCLand Counters. A mechanic allowing a countering mage to damage the opponent until the number of acres taken or destroyed equals the amount lost in the initial encounter. Not to be confused with Power Counters, which are based on percentages of damage done to the attacked/countered mage, and are calculated separately from Land Counters. LC are not on all servers.
MageA player's account in this game, some players role play they are mages, i.e. wizard-kings.
MedMeditation, entered through the Options page.
MovingA mage spending turns is often described as moving.
MP, m.p.Mana, Mana Points, Magic Points
NDNon-Description, an unguilded mage. Comes from AM, where players showed thier guild in thier description
NAPNon Agression Pact
NethIcon NETHER.gif Nether, a magic specialty
Newbie, Newb, NubRefers to someone that is fairly new to the game. This term is commonly used on IRC and is not meant to be degrading.
NPNet Power
OnlineAn attack while a mage is moving, usually while they are disbanded.
PhantIcon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm, a magic speciality
ProtProtection, Protected. Either Damage Protection, Pillage Protection or Council Protection.
PNAPpersonal Non Aggression Pact
Quad ZeroThis means that you magic, item count, population, and geld has been reduced to 0.
RedIcon ERADICATION.gif Eradication, a magic speciality
ResetA period of time a server runs for.
ROEROE is short for Rules of Engagement
RunningHas two meanings:
1. A mage spending a large number of turns is often described as running.
1. Also refers to spending turns whilst under offensive enchantments, ie_ running spells
SLSpell Level
Snipe, SnipingCasting offensive enchantments on a mage that is using turns, in the hope they will die.
Solo, B3Blitz Solo Server. No longer present in TR due to rampant cheating. Also B3, a term from Archmage.
SRStatus Report
TRThe Reincarnation, this game
TTTime Twister, a punishment given for illegal coordination.
TurtlingA strategy to gain decent amount of land (to the explore limit) by exploring and defending only. Useful for Icon VERDANT.gif mages because of Nature's Lore
Verd, VerIcon VERDANT.gif Verdant or Verdancy, a magic speciality
WhiteIcon ASCENDANT.gif Ascendant, a magic speciality
WhoreIn TR slang: A mage who gelds for an extended period of the reset in order to buy Unique Items, Heroes or otherwise gain a considerable advantage. Could also mean any kind of cynical use/abuse of a game mechanic in order to get ahead - EG D whoring, MC-whoring, golem-whoring
WhoringIn TR slang: Collecting unusually large amounts of resources, often by maximizing geld income capabilities. Things collected can be additional spells, Unique items, Heroes, skill points and lesser items. Some methods include Locate Artifact, Wishing, or a large number of guilds, depending on the desired results and magic specialty of the mage. A valid tactic but is widely considered lame.


AccAccuracy, a measure of how well a unit deals damage.
APAttack Power, the damage dealt by a unit or hero
Sometimes used for Army Power (contribution of Net Power by your army).
CntrCounter, having a two usages:
1. Mages can counter to retaliate for attacks, and
2. in a battle, many units have a counter attack triggered when they receive a primary attack.
FatA mage with much land and relative small army - supposedly an easy win for a landgrab.
RandomRandom attacks are landgrabs where the target supposedly is selected without taking any inheritage of past gameplay into account.
FatigueFatigue, this concept causes the damage dealt by a unit to decrease with every next time it comes in action in a long battle.
HPHit Points, the life of a unit or hero
InitInitiative, a factor determining the order units attack in
LandgrabTo attempt to quickly increase one's kingdom in terms of acres through attacks
Reg, regularRegular attacks: smaller type of battle. Relative easy to win, giving relative small amount of land when won.
ResResistance, a unit's susceptibility to certain attack types and magic.
SiegeHas two meanings:
Siege attacks: bigger type of battle. Relative hard to win, giving relative large amount of land when won.
SIEGE ability granting some units better odds in Siege type battles.


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also see Items

Lesser Items

AshAsh of Invisibility
Map, BMBlood Stained Map
BoP, BookBook of Prophecy
BroochBrooch of Protection
BW, Wine, BubbleBubble Wine
CandleCandle of Sleeping
CapsuleCapsule Monster
Carpet, CoFCarpet of Flying
CB, BallCrystal Ball
Arrows, Silver ArrowsDozens of Silver-Tipped Arrows
DrumsDrums of War
FigurineFigurine of the Ice Queen
HW, Holy WaterFlasks of Holy Water
HornHorn of Valhalla
Jav, JavelinJavelin of Lightning Bolt
LettersLetters of the Thieves Guild
MC, CompassMagical Compass
MC, CrystalMana Crystal
VortexMana Vortex
MI, IndulgenceMinor Indulgence
MSMissile shield
MB, BrainsMonkey Brains
NetsNets of Ensnarement
List, Official ListOfficial List of Demands
Flasks, OilOil Flasks
OintmentOintment of Healing
PipesPipes of the Sewer
PixiePixie Dust
PoVPotion of Valor
Pouch, Herbs, PoHPouch of Herbs
KegPowder Keg
RoAC, RingRing of Animal Command
Food, RottensRotten Food
StoneSage Stone
SatchelSatchel of Mist
Scroll, Fire ScrollScroll of Protection from Fire
StaffStaff of Illusion
SMC, CanStrange Metallic Can
HoM, HeadThe Head of Medusa
WebThe Spider's Web
Newbie Book, HandbookTotal Newbie Handbook
ChestTreasure Chest
MapTreasure Map
Vial, VoV, VenomVial of Venom
DollVoodoo Doll
Wine, W3W, WoTWWine of the Three Whips


This is not a complete list of unique items - just a list of common abreviations!

Quartz StaffAncient Staff of Pure Quartz
TomeAncient Tome
A-BombAtomic Bomb
BasinBasin of Far Seeing
AnkhBlack Ankh
BKBlood Knife
IceBlue Ice
IncenseBurning Incense
BottleEfreeti Bottle
EggEgg of Time
HelmHelm of ESP
HG, GrailHoly Grail
IG, GolemIron Golem
LipstickLipstick of Enslavement
PotionLove Potion #9
PouchPouch of Infinite Wealth
SceptreSceptre of Rulership
SpectaclesSpectacles of True Seeing
AltarThe Altar of Blood
MirrorThe Magic Mirror
MirrorThe Mirror of the Grey Witch


Hero types

Alch Alchemist
DKDragon Knight
DKDread Knight
FEFire Elementalist
Keeper Crypt Keeper
MaidenShield Maiden, also SM
Prince Devil Prince
ReaperSoul Reaper
Valk Valkyrie
Vet Veteran
WK White Knight
Zerker Berserker
Zon Amazon

Hero Abilities

Wall of Thorn: WoT Soul Devour: Devour Dragon Rider: Rider

Common Terminology from Alzoraths FAQ

General Terms
Archmage: AM
Archspace: AS
The Reincarnation: TR
Player: Mage
No Description: ND
Unguilded: ND
Spell Level : SL
Net Power : NP
Fortresses : Forts, Fort
Barriers: Bars, Bar
Resistance: Res
Mana: MP
Life: HP
Attack Power: Damage, AP
Initiative: Init
Nether: Black
Eradication: Erad, Red
Ascendant: Asc, White
Phantasm: Phant, Blue
Verdant: Verd, Green
Apprentice Server: App
Server Guild Server: Server, Guild, S1
Blitz Guild: Blitz, BG, B2
Blitz Solo: Blitz, Solo, B3
Damaged: D, Protection, Prot
Council Protection: P, Council, Protection, Prot
Meditation: Med, M
Armageddon: Arma
Fury of God: FoG
Hall of Immortals: HoF, Hall, HoI
Time Twister: TT, Twister
Union of Honor: UoH
Hall of Sages: HoS
Banquet Hall: BH
Off-Topic: OT
Neutral Units
Archers: Arch
Cavalry : Cav
Bounty Hunter : BH
Mercenary: Merc
Renegade Wizard: RW
Trained Elephant: Elephant
Falcon: Falc
Iron Golem: IG
Ascendant Units
Knights Templar: KT
High Priest: HP
Catapults: Cata
Paladins: Pal
Pegasus/Pegasi : Peg/Pegs
Soul Speakers: SS
Astral Magicians: AM
Angels: A
Archangels: AA
Unicorns: Uni
Spirit Warrior: SW
Dominions: Doms, Dom
Ascendant Spells
Armor of Light: Armor
Blinding Flash: BF, Flash
Descent of Holy Being: Descent, Summon Dom
Heavenly Protection: HP
Holy Word: Word
Locate Artifact: LA
Love and Peace: LnP, L&P, LP
Platinum Hand of Healing: PHoH, Plat, Plat Hand, Hand
Protection from Evil: Prot, Prot from Evil, PoE
Protection from Missle: PoM
Resist Elements: Resist, RE
Resurrection: Res
Sword of Light: SoL, Sword
The Holy Light: THL, HL, Holy Light
Verdant Units
Creeping Vines: Vines, CV
Earth Elemental: EE
Elven Archer: EA
Elven Magician: EM
Faerie Dragon: FD
Griffon: Griff
Mandrake: Drake
Phoenix: Nix
Swanmay: Swan
Treant: Tree
Werebear: WB
Verdant Spells
Call Hurricane: CH
Enlarge Animal: EA, Enlarge
Eye of the Eagle: Eye
Nature's Cure: NC
Nature's Favor: NF, Favor
Nature's Lore: NL, Lore
Plant Growth: PG
Regeneration: Regen
Rust Armor: RA, Rust
Serenity: Seren
Sunray: Ray, Sun
Summon Locust Swarm: SLS
Weather Summoning: WS
Web of the Spider Woman: WotSW, WSW, Web
Eradication Units
Chimera: Chim
Dwarven Deathseeker: DD
Dwarven Elite: Elite, DE
Dwarven Warrior: DW
Efreeti: Eff, Freeti
Fire Elemental: FE
Fire Giant: FG
Hellhound: HH
Lizard men: Lizard, Lizmen, Liz
Red Dragon: RD
Salamander: Sal
Troglodyte: Trogs
Wyvern: Wyv
Eradication Spells
Battle Chant: BC
Call Lightning: CL
Chain Lightning: CL
Destroy Artifacts: DA
Flame Blade: FB
Flame Shield: FS
Giant Strength: GS, Giant
Gravity Pull: GP, Pull
Lightning Strike: Lightning
Meteor Storm: MS
Volcano Eruption: VE
Phantasm Units
Air Elementals: Air, AE
Djinni: Djinn
Ice Elementals: Ice, IE
Leviathan: Lev
Medusa: Med
Mind Ripper: MR, MF, Flayer, Ripper, Mind Flayer
Psychic Wisps: Wisps
Shadow Monster: Mirage Monster
Water Elemental: Water, WE
Phantasm Spells
Concentration: Conc
Confuse: Conf
Conjure Elemental: CE, Conjure
Double Time: DT
Feet of Hermes: Feet, Hermes, FoH
Fog Cloud: Fog
Fool's Gold: FG
Hallucination: Hallu, Hall
Invisibility: Invis
Laziness: Laz
Mental Thrash: Thrash
Mind Bar: Bar, MB
Paralyze: Para
Scrying Mirror: Scry
Steal Artifact: SA, Steal
Temporal Stasis Field: TSF
The Wall of Silence: Wall, WoS
Nether Units
Cave Troll: Troll
Dark Elf Magician: DEM
Demon Knight: DK
Fallen Angel: Fallen A, FA
Fallen Archangel: Fallen AA, FAA
Fallen Dominion: Fallen Dom, FDom
Horned Demon: HD
Orc Raider: Raider
Orcish Archer: OA
Skeleton: Skel
Succubus: Succ
Unholy Reaver: UR, Reaver
Vampire: Vamp
Wolf Raider: Raider, Wolf Rider
Zombie: Zomb
Nether Spells
Battle Lust: BL, Lust
Black Death: BD
Black Sabbath: BS, Sabbath
Blood Curse: BC, Curse
Blood Ritual: BR, Ritual
Contract of the Soul: CoS, CotS, Contract, Devil
Death and Decay: D&D, DD, DnD
Dreams of Seduction: Succubi, DoS, Dreams
Foul Water: FW
Gaze of Death: GoD, Gaze
Kiss of the Vampire: Kiss, KoV
Night of the Living Dead: NotLD, Night, NoLD
Shroud of Darkness: Shroud, SoD
Touch of Necromancy: Touch, Necromancy
Veteran: Vet
Alchemist: Alch
White Knight: WK
Amazon: Zon
Fire Elementalist: FE
Berzerker: Zerker
Dragon Knight: DK
Valkyrie: Valk
Crypt Keeper: Keeper
Devil Prince: Prince
Dread Knight: DK
Necromancer: Necro
Soul Reaper: Reaper
Shield Maiden: Maiden, SM
Hero Abilities
Wall of Thorn: WoT
Soul Devour: Devour
Dragon Rider: Rider
Lesser Items
Ash of Invisibility: Ash
Bloodstained Map: Map, BM
Book of Prophecy: BoP, Book
Brooch of Protection: BoP, Brooch
Bubble Wine: BW, Wine, Bubble
Candle of Sleeping: Candle
Capsule Monster: Capsule
Carpet of Flying: Carpet, CoF
Dozens of Silver-Tipped Arrows: Arrows, Silver Arrows
Drums of War: Drums
Figurine of Ice Queen: Figurine
Flasks of Holy Water: Flasks, Holy Flask, Holy Water
Horn of Valhalla: Horn
Javelin of Lightning Bolt: Jav, Javelin
Letters of Theive's Guild: Letters
Magical Compass: MC, Compass
Mana Crystal: MC, Crystal
Mana Vortex: Vortex
Minor Indulgence: MI
Monkey Brains: MB, Brains
Official List of Demands: List, Official List
Oil Flasks: Flasks, Oils
Ointment of Healing: Ointment
Pipes of Sewer: Pipes
Potion of Valor: PoV
Pouch of Herbs: Pouch, Herbs, PoH
Pouder Keg: Keg
Ring of Animal Command: RoAC, Ring
Rotten Food: Food
Sage Stone: Stone
Satchel of Mist: Satchel
Scroll of Protection from Fire: Scroll, Scroll of Prot, Scroll of Fire Prot
Staff of Illusion: Staff
Strange Metallic Can: SMC, Can
The Head of Medusa: HoM, Head
The Spider's Web: Web
Total Newbie Handbook: Newbie, Handbook
Treasure Chest: Chest
Treasure Map: Map
Vial of Venom: Vial, VoV, Venom
Voodoo Doll: Doll
Wine of Three Whips: Wine, W3W, WoTW
Ancient Staff of Pure Quartz: Quartz Staff
Ancient Tome: Tome
Atomic Bomb: A-Bomb
Basin of Far Seeing: Basin
Black Ankh: Ankh
Blood Knife: BK
Blue Ice: Ice
Burning Incense: Incense
Efreeti Bottle: Bottle
Egg of Time: Egg
Helm of ESP: Helm
Holy Grail: HG, Grail
Iron Golem: IG, Golem
Lipstick of Enslavement: Lipstick
Love Potion #9: Potion
Pouch of Infinite Wealth: Pouch
Sceptre of Rulership: Sceptre
Spectacles of True Seeing: Spectacles
The Altar of Blood: Altar
The Magic Mirror: Mirror
The Mirror of the Grey Witch: Mirror