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Dangun Earth was based on the birth Myth of Korea, 'Chosun'(Joseon) in 2333 B.C. You start Dangun Earth as a citizen of the country. The game had two versions: Sinsi(means 'the sacred city') and Asadal. Each game included general East-asian thoughts like Yinyang, Wuxing, etc. Many structures and people are created on those concepts.

The Dangun Earth project lasted from 1994 to 2000 before eventually being abandoned for Archmage and Archspace.

Dangun Myth

The story of the game...

Long time ago, Hwanin, who ruled heaven had a son named Hwanung. Hwanung was interested in things on Earth, and very often looked down on earth from heaven. There were many beautiful mountains, rivers, and plains to be seen on earth. Hwanung wished so eagerly to go down and help the people who lived on earth and Hwanin allowed his son to go with three sacred seals.

Hwanung took the three sacred seals along with three thousand followers and left heaven for earth. He chose a beautiful, high mountain named Tebaek and landed on the mountain where a sacred tree had stood. It was the place where the people on earth had worshiped heaven.

He called the place Sinsi (literally means the divine city) and made there his base to rule over human beings. So for a long time, with his three sacred seals(the gods of wind, rain, and clouds) he ruled over the people in peace, teaching how to grow food, healing the sick. When he was doing all these things, a bear and a tiger, who lived near the divine city and wished to be human beings, came to Hwanung and begged him to make them human.

Hwanung gave each of them a stalk of mug wort plant and twenty pieces of garlic, and told them that if they ate only what he gave them, and avoided the sunlight for one hundred days, they would become human. The bear and the tiger ate only the mug wort plant and garlic and stayed in the cave. It was hard for them to do so. After all, the tiger could not bear and went out after a few days, but the bear patiently remained in the cave. 100 days after in the cave a surprising thing happened.

On the one hundredth day the bear turned into a beautiful woman. She built a small hut on a quiet and beautiful spot and lived there, but as the days passed she became lonely. So the bear woman went to meet Hwanung again and begged earnestly.

"Lord Hwanung, thank you for your previous help to become human. But these days I feel so lonely. Would you please find me a husband to keep me a company?" Hearing this, Hwanung pitied her and looked the beautiful bear woman, and proposed to her.

She married him and they had a son named Dangun who became the ancestor of the Koreans. Dangun grew up, and established a new nation. The name was Old Chosun. After that, Dangun ruled over the country for 1500 years, and then became a mountain god at the age of 1908.

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