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The forum moderators are the thin blue line standing between the general populace of the UBB and forum chaos. These hardworking, experienced posters are all that stands between you and the scum of internet society.

UBB Admins

These members have full administrative powers over the forums. However, they do not handle daily moderation of the forums unless it is absolutely necessary. They have created the moderator positions and appointed members to this group to handle these tasks. If something is needed it is strongly recommended to contact a moderator first.

The following people are UBB Admins:


TR's moderators can be broken down into a number of groups.

Head UBB Mod

The Head Moderator's job duties include ensuring that the forum is running smoothly and properly, hiring new moderators, assigning moderator's roles, removing inactive or unneeded moderators, and fielding complaints against individual moderators.

2008-: Snofsan has taken over the position of Head Moderator.

2007-2008: Ninarx

2006-2007: If Superman was a moderator, then Groentje would be him. He'd be Groentje. Whatever - the thing to take home here is when Groentje tells you to jump, you leap as high as you damn well can and pray to god he doesn't rip your head off for not going high enough.
2004-2006: Alzorath
2004: Manchild

Global Mods

Global mods have authority over the entire forum. They may edit any post, remove any thread, ban any user that they so desire, and do this anywhere that they wish. They help the individual area moderators to keep the board within the guidelines, and are available to help the general public with almost anything that is needed.

The global moderators are:

Server Mods

The Server Mods take care of the individual server forums: Guild, Arch, ArchWar, Blitz, Solo, and Beta.

  • ThanatosRX moderates the Guild Server forum
  • Khorne moderates the Arch Server forum
  • DL_Snake moderates the ArchWar Server forum
  • Raistlin moderates the Blitz Server forum
  • Tree moderates the Solo Server forum
  • Zarkahn moderates the Beta Server forum

Hall of Sages Mods

2007: HamsterHuey has taken over the Hall of Sages Mods role, after Tijn retired to dedicate his life to online-poker.
2005-2006: Tijn's knowledge of the game knows no bounds, so it's only fair that he gets to watch over it like a hawk.

Game Suggestion Mods

While some don't like thier hard line, no-nonesense tactics, these moderators do a fantastic job policing the once-rampant Game Suggestions forum. These three were appointed at DaveMcW's request.

General Discussion Mods

The General Discussion Mods are a rare group indeed - these are the only people in AM / TR history to have decided that they were moderators, merely snapping their fingers to make it so.

Tech Forum Mods

The Tech Forum Mods watch over the tech forum, to make sure that discussion stays in the realms of legality and away from piracy. Arrrgh!

Wiki Forum Mods

The Wiki Forum Mods watch over the wiki forum. They recruit members to help keep the wiki up to date, respond to edit requests, and keep the forum on topic.

Language Forum Mods

With the quasi-magical powers to speak languages other than english, these moderators ensure that no-one posts naughty words in a foreign tounge in the translation forums.

Former / Inactive Mods

Being a moderator is a hard and stressful job, but someone's got to do it. Not these guys though, 'cos they're quitters.

  • Jakobite
  • Manchild - retired forum admin and super mod (early 2005)
  • Alzorath - retired as head mod (early 2006), Retained as Forum Administrator
  • Groentje - retired as head mod (early 2007), Retained as Forum Administrator
  • Ze - retired admin/developer (early 2006)
  • Sogrom - retired admin/developer (early 2005)