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*10% chance that a group of [[Fanatic|Fanatics]] ('Zealots') joins your army  
*10% chance that a group of [[Fanatic|Fanatics]] ('Zealots') joins your army  
**<span style="color:#2ecc71;">1,000 - 2,000 [[Fanatics|Fanatics]] will join your army on all servers except Beta</span>  
**<span style="color:#2ecc71;">1,000 - 2,000 [[Fanatics|Fanatics]] will join your army on all servers except Beta</span>  
**<span style="color:#2ecc71;">(1,000 - 2,000) x (Land / 200) will join your army on Beta (E.g. At 5,000 Land: 25,000 - 50,000 [[Fanatics|Fanatics]] will join your army)</span>   
**<span style="color:#2ecc71;">(1,000 - 2,000) x (Land / 400) will join your army on Beta (E.g. At 5,000 Land: 12,500 - 25,000 [[Fanatics|Fanatics]] will join your army)</span>   
*5% chance to receive a random [[Heroes|hero]] of up to level 17.  
*5% chance to receive a random [[Heroes|hero]] of up to level 17.  
*5% chance that the [[Luck|Star of Luck]] will shine upon you.  
*5% chance that the [[Luck|Star of Luck]] will shine upon you.  

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Gods and Favours

How to get Favour

Favour is obtained by donating an amount of your geld to a god on the Altar of Darkness, found in the Black Market.

You need to donate a significant amount to stand a chance.

  • Minimum is 10% of your total geld. Total geld includes all of your geld temporarily stored on the Black Market in the form of bids.

On top of that,

  • the minimum for Blitz/Beta/Guildwar/Solo/Arch/Lightning server is 15,000,000 (unified across all servers in Jan 2014), and
  • you need to have used at least 1.5 times the max turns of the server.

If the above conditions are satisfied, you have a 60% chance to receive Favoured status.

Standard Favour Effects

Each god has a standard favour effect that lasts for 48 hours.

  • Nature gives......... +10% geld generation by farms/towns and pop income
  • Sun gives............. +3% accuracy in battles
  • Moon gives........... +5%/+10% without/with oversummoning node m.p. generation
  • Magic gives.......... +20 SL and decreases casting cost by 10%
  • Science gives......... Doubled item generation(UBB). Especially useful during research when Guilds are plentiful.
Grants item generation abilities even if you have no guilds.
+10% increased yields when using items (like the skill Legendary Artificer).
Note: Science's protection of items such as Magical Compass, Minor Indulgence, and Uniques, is not in any way linked to favor status.
  • Satan gives............ lowered unit upkeep by 10% (Mana Upkeep only lowered by 5%)
  • Lucifer gives........... +10% summoning yields/attack power (primary + counter, perhaps also secondary attack)

Additional Rewards

On top of that, you also randomly gain one of the following:(chances estimated)

  • If you have harmful enchantments on your kingdom, gods may cast Indulgence of God and remove them (unknown chance of success) (UBB).
  • 45% chance of a random enchantment for 15 turns.
  • 20% chance to receive one lesser item.
  • 15% chance to receive a small m.p. refill, comparable to aMana Crystal.
  • 10% chance that a group of Fanatics ('Zealots') joins your army
    • 1,000 - 2,000 Fanatics will join your army on all servers except Beta
    • (1,000 - 2,000) x (Land / 400) will join your army on Beta (E.g. At 5,000 Land: 12,500 - 25,000 Fanatics will join your army)
  • 5% chance to receive a random hero of up to level 17.
  • 5% chance that the Star of Luck will shine upon you.
  • There is a small chance that the God will test a hero of yours. Failure brings death, success adds one level to your hero.

Jealousy table

It is possible to be in favoured status with multiple gods concurrently. There is an inherent risk that donating to more than one god will result in jealous backlash, outlined in the table below. Safe combination of certain gods used to be possible, though this is no longer the case. If you have favour from (god in top row) and want to add favour from (god in left colum), there is an xxx (number in crosstable) chance the first god gets jealous.

  Nature Sun Moon Magic Science Satan Lucifer
Nature -- 50% 25% 50% 50% 25% 25%
Sun 75% -- 50% 25% 25% 75% 75%
Moon 25% 25% -- 25% 25% 25% 25%
Magic 25% 25% 25% -- 75% 25% 25%
Science 25% 25% 25% 75% -- 25% 25%
Satan 50% 50% 50% 25% 50% -- 25%
Lucifer 25% 75% 25% 25% 25% 75% --

Jealousy remarks

  • The table is accurate as of October 2014 and no longer based on data going back to Archmage.
  • Nature is the god on its own, Sun-Moon, Science-Magic and Satan-Lucifer can be seen as each other's opposites. Their combinations are the hardest to achieve.
  • Certain gods have lessened chances of becoming jealous based on the order of the donation received. Known beneficial orders include:
    • Lucifer followed by Satan (25% jealousy risk, compared to 75% for the reverse order)
    • Nature followed by Magic (25% jealousy risk, compared to 50% for the reverse order)
    • Sun followed by Moon (25% jealousy risk, compared to 50% for the reverse order)

Disfavour and Hatred status

You receive Disfavour and Hatred status from making gods jealous and donating puny 1 geld amounts.

  • In Disfavoured status, you experience the opposite effect that favour would give you.
  • In Hatred status, that negative effect is doubled.
    • e.g. -40 spell level for Magic Hatred.

On top of that, there are short term penalties associated with Disfavour and Hatred status. They are more detrimental under Hatred. The possibilities for Disfavour are:

The possibilities for Hatred are:

Hero testing

When a god turns from favour to disfavour, one of your heroes may be tested by a God. The possible outcomes are: your hero gains one level, your hero stays, your hero loses a set amount of experience, or your hero dies. If your hero is very low level when it loses experience, its level may decrease by two.

Example: Two levels are lost.

Magic, the Mother of All and Nothing tested your hero Vandergaard of Faerun Berserker.
Vandergaard of Faerun Berserker terribly failed Magic, the Mother of All and Nothing's test.

Name Vandergaard of Faerun Berserker Level 6 (Xp: 16048)

Most Favoured

In order to obtain Most Favoured status, you must:

  • Be a Top 10 donator.
  • Donate almost all of your geld (over 90%).
  • Donate at least ten times the minimum donation amount.
  • Have special kinds of things in your army (Race/Colour/Attacktype units) - differs per god,
  • Have special kinds of things in your country / play style - differs per god,
    • For Science, it is said that you need at least 1000 lesser items and 1 unique (e.g. a Holy Grail).
    • For Nature, it is said that you have to be peaceful, without attacking other mages for days.
  • Have special kind of relationship with another god (e.g. Hatred with at least one other god, all neutral, etc) - differs per god

If all of the above conditions are satisfied, then you have a 50%(unverified) chance to become Most Favoured. Beware, though: the requirements for Most Favoured sometimes change.

Jealousy of other gods

  • Other gods may become annoyed once Most Favoured status is attained.
  • Once becoming Most Favoured, other favoured status gods may get jealous (like when getting normal Favour) and change status.
  • Once becoming Most Favoured, other neutral status gods may get jealous (unlike when getting normal Favour).
  • Once becoming Most Favoured, other disfavoured or hatred status gods may get jealous.


Most Favoured status brings double what normal favour brings, for double the time (96 hours). There are additional benefits which are specific to each god:


  • Pull off a Moon Most Favoured at Armageddon, have the biggest power boost with no turns spent possible, and secure yourself a surprise Hall of Immortals spot that way. However, this only gives 13.3 million Net Power and the upkeep is 1,456,000 geld + 10,500 mana.
  • Before attempting Science Most Favoured, acquire all the Holy Grails and put them on the market to sell. Keep one in your inventory if you have no other unique (because Science requires a unique in your inventory to grant Most Favoured). This way, you can be assured that Science will not grant you a Holy Grail as a reward.


  • There can only be 1 Most Favored Mage per God
  • Each mage is limited to 1 Most Favored per week per God

Patron Status

In early 2010, a new type of status with the gods was enabled across all servers. Patron status has thus far only been attained by one mage, and the exact method has not been released. You may find vague hints on how to obtain Patron status through a specific god's encyclopedia page.


  • "Permanent" Patron status from the god (Patron bonus ~ 125% favor bonus).
  • 'Favor' boon every 48hrs - Works like favor loss.
  • Patron status remains until patron limit is exceeded, then lowest donor is removed.
  • Jealousy will not affect the patron god (can't be disfavored by patron god).


  • It becomes more difficult to gain favor from other gods (increased donation requirement, smaller % chance to succeed).
  • You cannot donate to the patron god while a patron.

Gaining Patron Status

  • Neutral -> Patron status donation
  • Donate solely to patron god for a length of time.
  • Be a top 10 donor at the time of the patron donation.
  • Donate x * favor minimum (or x% total geld), whichever is higher.
  • Special hidden requirements that vary by god (easier than MF requirements).

Losing Patron Status

Patron status will be lost if any of the following conditions are met:

  • You are no longer Top 10 donor.
  • When patron limit is exceeded, the lowest donor is removed.
  • If Most Favored is achieved, Patron status is lost.

Other Details

  • You can only have 1 Patron god at a time.
  • Patron status can be achieved again if lost.
  • Most Favored status can be attempted for the Patron god every 48 hours (you must still meet the MF requirements, but you can donate from patron->most favored)
  • Most Favored status for a god other than the patron god will result in loss of patron status.