Guild of Absolute Power®

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Guild of Absolute Power® [GoAP]

Name: Guild of Absolute Power®
Shortname: GoAP
Server: Blitz Guild
Leader: Revenger
Co-Master: Mulltani
Immortals: Vismore, Snofsan, Ugh
Website: or
Status: Active

 Guild of Absolute Power® firstly appeared in August 2002(Late July), in the Mari Archmage.

It was created by Revenger with the support of phenom and Chantry. The guild was created with a purpose to hunt down multi-magers and to an advance, protect its members and allies from multi-attacks.

GoAP site

Mari Archmage Season

Its first set was till September 09. In this little time, GoAP managed to establish some first alliances and create a mediocre memberlist.

Second set was an important one for GoAP. Mostly because a big war achievement. GoAP fought against the guild of battle-realms + Catastrophic Order of Terra + another one. All these guilds were using multi-mages, it was legal for them. War was fierce and GoAP managed to fill its graveyard with more than 100(!) mages. The war took place close to the server set and war was unable to get finished before armageddon.

Third set started but never ended and somewhere there the game ceased to exist. In third set GoAP started with view to the top and managed for its first time to hold down regular places in top100.

During these sets, some important movements were made in terms of organization while the guild expanded. The Exiles of Terra, a rather solid guild came over and joined GoAP which resulted in a much more powerful GoAP. GoAP found the time to create a sub-guild, named Wizard Academy. Wizard Academy did so well, (reaching 50 members at times), that GoAP created more sub-guilds. None, however, did as well as Wiza.

GoAP managed to reach 150+ members with over 75 members active and over 40 regular members.

All important member names from that time,remain alive in our new website and anyone can see them at: Old Hall of Fame pages

The Lord Season

After Mari archmage game termination, GoAP still had a respectable active force of people. We tried to seek other games to play but with no real success. Firstly, we found The Five Pillars, in which GoAP has sent a small force to test the game. Our members did so well and ended up fighting for top, however they were only second. Next set we thought of moving the whole guild there, but we changed mind for another archmage clone -> The Lord.

GoAP made quite an impressive start there and managed to establish itself as the best English speaking guild. The end of first set, found GoAP 4rth, behind 3 spanish guilds. However, we were all left with a bad taste in our mouth, for both the quality of the game and the final result.

Next set, we procceeded in a big clearance in memberlist. Many people were kicked out for many reasons. After this and after little time, GoAP ceased to exist. This was the decision of Revenger, Guildmaster of GoAP. The game was not attractive, this was the main reason.

The Reincarnation Season

GoAP recreated in August 1, 2005. Our aim was to play in The Reincarnation for which we heard good ratings. This time, Revenger found help to recreate the guild in the faces of Argon, MrsDeath, Hunter and Shaosniper. The guild recreated, a new website created and we started getting bigger.

Some old GoAP members joined back. GoAP made one alliance, with Knights of Hope, a guild we considered to be good for us for that time. The first set of GoAP in The Reincarnation was signalled with the war against Catfish of Terra. Catfish of Terra declared war on GoAP a random day. The excuse was a war for fun as that time the well-named "war-guilds" have just made their appearance in TR world. GoAP accepted the challenge and started fighting COT. Despite COT having the first blow, in a war they were prepared for, GoAP reacted excellently. We had not the quality programming we would like,due to our first set in the game. CoT proved more ready and more experienced and managed slowly to shorten our members list. We continued to fight and those who died reincarnated and fought again. The war only ended in the armageddon.

Keeping the good and positive points from our war experience, while trying to correct our negative points, we moved on to next set. We quickly signed new alliances, one with The Covenant and one with Intimidators of Terra. Later we allied the newly created Empire of Excursion as a sign of respect towards old allies.

There was no war for GoAP this set. We focused on ranking while we tried to improve in the game. GoAP Organization climbed a few scales further, to a point that it was recognized as the most Organized guild in the whole game. For the record, GoAP finished 2nd on its second set here. It was a very good achievement that signaled the birth of an elite guild.

There was a small reset in which nothing notorious happened.

Third set, was a different story for GoAP. This set started with clear objectives: Top + Halls. This set we allied l33t, the guild who took the place of the Covenant and Intimidators of Terra. GoAP started excellently and found itself on top. GoAP members conquered top10, while they were only allied with IOT... It was only after this when GoAP allied l33t. Shortly after this, GoAP allies IOT made various requests. These resulted in GoAP alliance with shiny, a one-set guild that wanted the top and was warring OuT alongside with IOT.

For many, GoAP only got to the top because it created that short of alliances. For us, its clear, we got the top and afterwards the alliances, with whatever this means. As set progressed and GoAP continued to hold the top, many guilds asked for an alliance but all requests were turned down. One month and a few days before arma, GoAP engaged in war. In a few days, half terra was fighting against GoAP + IOT + l33t. We started having losses but we hold the top. After the initial banging of 10 days, GoAP started getting guilds by its side. Its a big story in general, with many guilds involved. What is important is that our enemies managed to come close to the top, near us, 7 days before arma. However, we were still holding the top, with high land mages.

However, we will never learn the tide of that set as we never witnessed an arma day, as game
database corrupted, taking away from us, much wanted, possible halls.

All in all, GoAP performed excellently and proved what was shown in 2nd set, we were no more a struggling guild but an elite one, with elite players and top organization.

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