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Lesser Items

Note: Unique Items have their own page with shortlisted descriptions

Ash of Invisibility

All of your units' Primary and Extra Attacks are attributed initiative=6, making it almost sure that your units strike first in a battle (unless opponent uses initiative influencing magic too). Notes:

  • Any unit having an initiative above 6 (from multiple modifiers) is treated as having initiative 6 when the battle starts.
  • Paralyze will cancel out the effect of Ash of Invisibility and vice versa (i.e. invisible paralysed unit will have its original initiative; no init=0 nor init=6).
  • In case of Attacker and Defender use Ash of Invisibility (and no other initiative modifiers are used) both sides starts their attacks with highest initiative. It causes the battle to start with attacks of the top stacks while the first hitter is selected at random. Then the scenario repeats for next stacks which are chosen from the highest to the lowest ones.
Blood Stained Map

You have a 10% chance of getting one of the five Holy Grails.

Book of Golem Summoning

Summon 7-25 Iron Golems.

Book of Prophecy

Steals 4,000-12,000 of targets population.

Bottle of Eversmoking

Increases accuracy of Orcs by 10% on both sides.

Brooch of Protection

All your units gain 50% to their MELEE resistance.

Bubble Wine

All your units gain 20% to their Primary Attack and Counter Attack, and 30% to their Health Points. No Accuracy decrease.

Candle of Sleeping

Lowers enemy units' Damage Resistances by 10% and lowers their efficiency by 10%.

Capsule Monster

Summon 1,000 Capsule Monsters in battle that only last that fight.

Carpet of Flying

All your units gain the FLYING ability if they did not have it already.

Coffin The item version of Night of the Living Dead, but it summon a set amount of units. 1000 Ghouls or 500 Wraith or 20 Liches or 20 Vampires. Can also summon 2000 Zombies.

Gives all Humans and Elves the Beauty ability.

Crystal Ball

Spies on an enemy mage for information like the Scrying Mirror spell, but less efficient.

Dozens of Silver-Tipped Arrows

Adds HOLY attack type to units with a MISSILE attack.

Drums of War

Reduces Primary Attack Power of all enemy units by 10%.

Figurine of the Ice Queen

Deals a small amount of COLD damage to all enemy units.

Flasks of Holy Water

Deals 100,000 HOLY damage to all enemy undead units.

Horn of Valhalla

Summon 2,000-4,000 Knights.

Javelin of Lightning Bolt

Deals some LIGHTNING damage and reduces enemy units' Counter Attack damage by 25%.

Letters of the Thieves Guild

Steal some gold or an item from the target. The only way to steal a unique from an opponent (VERY low chance).

Magical Compass

Gain roughly 100-200 acres (usually on the less side). Yield decreases as the user's land increases.

Mana Crystal

Gain 30,000-70,000 mana.

Mana Vortex

Destroy 3,000-9,000 of the target's mana. Unless they have more mana then their nodes can hold, in which case it causes his/her mana reserves to equal the maximum amount of mana his nodes can hold. (e.g. johny has reserves of 1,000,000 but only has 500 nodes( 500,000 max mana reserves) now you use a vortex on him, and he loses 500,000 mana)

Minor Indulgence

Dispels spells cast by Gods, other mages and spells that have the No Dispel attribute. Only dispels one spell at a time.

Missile Shield

Increases RANGED resistance for your units by 50%.

Monkey Brains

Doubles the Primary Attack power of all units with a PSYCHIC attack.

Official List of Demands

Has a random effect of one of the following items' effects: {Book of Prophecy, Letters of the Thieves Guild, Mana Vortex, Pipes of the Sewer, Rotten Food, Voodoo Doll}

Oil Flasks

Reduces the enemy's FIRE resistance by 30%, which CAN put resistances BELOW 0.

Ointment of Healing

Acts like the White mage spell "Healing" and heals a set amount of hit points. Also gives some POISON resistance to all your units.


Summon 1,500-5,000 Gorillas

Pipes of the Sewer

Use on a target to destroy 500,000 gold and 15,000 population (unless they have less).

Potion of Valor

25% AP to Primary Attack and Counter Attack only (not to Extra Attack)

Pouch of Herbs

Resurrects 10% of your casualties (barring ultimates). Acts like a weakened Platinum Hand of Healing.

Powder Keg

Deals a small amount of FIRE damage to all enemy units and reduces the AP of their Primary Attack and Counter Attack by 5%.

Ring of Animal Command

Increases the AP of Primary Attack and Counter Attack of your animal units by 100% while reducing the AP of Primary Attack and Counter Attack of your opponent's animal units by 100%.

Rotten Food

Destroys 10,000-30,000k of the target's population.

Sage Stone

You gain 1,000,000-2,000,000 geld.

Satchel of Mist

Reduces the accuracy of all units on both sides by 10%.

Scroll of Protection from Fire

Gives all units a 30% bonus to their FIRE resistance.

Staff of Illusion

Deal a small amount of MAGIC damage.

Strange Metallic Can

Reduces your units Attack Power by 10% but resurrects 15% of your casualties.

The Head of Medusa

Kills 0-10 units of one random enemy stack.

The Spider's Web

Reduces all enemy unit's initiatives by 1.

Total Newbie Handbook

Summon 5,000 frogs or squirrels.

Treasure Chest

Gets you either nothing, 300,000 geld, 3 lesser items, or a unique.

Treasure Map

Get either nothing, 500,000 geld, 5 lesser items, or a unique.

Vial of Venom

Adds the POISON Attack Type to the Primary Attack of units with a MELEE Attack Type.

Voodoo Doll

Destroys 2-8 turns from the targeted mage. Target's turns can not go negative by using this item.

Wine of the Three Whips

You increase your current population by 10%.

Unique Items

Note: Unique Items have their own page with shortlisted descriptions

Unique items go through barriers just like non-unique items. E.g.: an atomic bomb can be blocked.

Ancient Staff of Pure QuartzAncient Tome
Archmage Strategic GuideAtomic Bomb
Basin of Far SeeingBlack Ankh
Blood KnifeBlue Ice
Book of GeologyBurning Incense
Chaos WardDragon Slayer
Efreeti BottleEgg of Time
ExcaliburHell Fire
Helm of ESPHoly Grail
The Iron GolemLipstick of Enslavement
Love Potion #9Lucky Charm
Nether ParchmentOrb of Protection
Pan's FlutePouch of Infinite Wealth
Pandora's Box-
Ring of Djinni SummoningSceptre of Rulership
Scroll of CancellationScroll of Insight
Skull RingSoul Eater
Spectacles of True SeeingSt. Nara's Lock of Hair
Staff of the ArchmageThe Altar of Blood
ApparatusCrimson Banner
The Crystal of TearThe Dead Sea Scroll
The Hand of NegationMagic Mirror
The Mirror of the Grey WitchThe Protector
The Ring of AmethystThe Sinner
The Wings of GloryThor's Hammer
Thunder BladeWand of the Moon
World Peace