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  • Nature, the Beauty of Life
  • Nature is the oldest, quietest, and most powerful of all the gods. In some cultures, she is simply called the Earth Mother. Her philosophy is one of passive defense and the proliferation of love. She cares more for her followers than do any of the other gods. She will attempt to aid her followers with wealth, vitality, health, and good harvests, but she will never interfere in a warring way. She prefers followers who live the peaceful life. Nature watches over all good people who live in the forest, love the woodlands, or make their livelihood there. She is pictured as an elf or sometimes as a human. She is especially close to treefolk, elves and animals. She is kindness incarnate, but she does has a wrathful side. Only once has Nature been pushed to violence, and that was two thousand years ago. Sun, the Father of the Sky, strove to rule all Terra and wreaked havok among all the other gods' followers. He cast down a hail of flame that devoured many of the civilizations below. Nature could not take the suffering and, citing the gods' tenet of no direct interference with the people of Terra, struck at the Father of the Sky, holding none of her power back. After that outburst of divine might which almost annihilated the Highfather, she returned to her peaceful existence. All the other gods watch her warily for signs that her anger will rise again, but she mostly ignores their doings as long as they leave her followers in peace.



  • Donate Minimum 15,000,000 Geld or 10% of your current Geld (Including items/heroes/units/spells you are selling and buying)


  • +10% geld generation by farms/towns and pop income

Most Favored

Requirements (Unverified)

  • Favoured by Nature
  • Top 10 donator for Nature
  • Don't attack anyone for 2 days
  • Humans, Animals, Treefolks and Elves in stack *
  • No other favors/disfavours
  • Must donate 100% of Geld, minimum donation is 1,600,000,000 (Lightning, Beta); 800,000,000 (Blitz); 600,000,000 (Guild Server/Archwar/Solo); 300,000,000 (Arch)


  • Most Favoured status brings double what normal favour brings, for double the time (96 hours).