Ring Wraiths Avengers - RWA

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Name:Ring Wraith Avengers
Server:Mari App Server
Leader:Khamul the Easterling


Ren the Unclean, after playing for a while in CCG, convinced some of his RL friends to join the game. The first one was Khamul, followed by Uvatha a little later. Now with three of us playing it was easier to bring the others. Indur, Dwar, Hogun, Priest, Muai, Beorn and some others.
After that Ren, Khamul and Uvatha decided to found a guild with all those Brazilians.
Ring Wraith Avengers - RWA was born.
This name came from the names of the founders all named after Nazgulz, the ringwraiths from Tolkien.

1st reset - teaching for the new players since just Ren and Khamul was playing for more than one full reset and Uvatha for only one.

2nd reset - War against TWoR - since everybody lived in the same town and were RL friends meeting everyweek it was easier for us to coordinate and TWoR had no chance. The war ended when there was only one TWoR above any RWA member and since he had a chance to Hall they thought it was better surrender and save that spot.

3rd reset - War against TCG - TCG called their big allies Kindred to the war. RWA resisted to call TWoR to the war but they were called to join at arma to help but they were attacked by the Ronins and werent able to help RWA. All TCG were dead at the end. Kindred and RWA survived but we consider this a loss, inpite all TCG members died, Kin mages were still there.

The founders tried to bring back RWA to The Reincarnation and that were even announced on the UBB, but they failed til this day to do so.
Ren, Khamul, Uvatha, Indur and Dwar are playing since that time. Some of the others are getting, slowly, back to the game and maybe there is still hope for RWA, the Brazilian guild again some day.

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