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  • Science, the Magic of the Old World
  • Science is an ancient god that used to be the ruler of all the gods. His religion was a major one before the Old World was destroyed thousands of years ago. However, his power sharply declined after Terra rent itself apart, and now he no longer rules. He is a solitary deity that especially dislikes Magic for creating things that cannot be explained and followers of Nature for their crude ways of life. His greatest competitor for the throne of the firmament is Satan, making him his adversary. Very rarely ancient scientific artifacts from thousands of years ago can still be found in lost ruins of the once beautiful cities of the Old World. Science felt that the technologies that he allowed were created in his name. He feels deep love for his followers and grants them the ability to become uncanily lucky in finding artifacts and items from before the last Armageddon. It is in this way, so he reasons, the followers of Science can jump ahead of their rivals by using technology far in advance of current knowledge. In this way, technology will move forward, and so will Science; thus he especially favors followers who spread technology on Terra. Few sages now remember that the apocalypse that consumed Terra was partially his fault because he allowed the creation of powerful items of mass destruction.



  • Donate Minimum 15,000,000 Geld or 10% of your current Geld (Including items/heroes/units/spells you are selling and buying)


Most Favored

Requirements (Unverified)

  • Hatred from Satan
  • Disfavour from Nature/Magic
  • Science Favour
  • Cannot be favoured by any other God
  • 1,000+ items
  • 1 Unique
  • Top 10 Donators
  • Must donate 100% of Geld, minimum donation is 1,600,000,000 (Lightning, Beta); 800,000,000 (Blitz); 600,000,000 (Guildwar, Solo); 300,000,000 (Arch)


  • Most Favoured status brings double what normal favour brings, for double the time (96 hours).
  • Random unique item (including Holy Grails).
  • Uniques comes only from the unique item pool generated by the server. You will not get unique that has not been released in the unique pool.