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| Spell Attributes | Lists of Simple, Average, Complex, Ultimate & Ancient Spells |

Spells are the bread and butter of The Reincarnation. They are used for a variety of purposes: summoning units, casting offensive and defensive enchantments both in battle and out of battle, allocation of resources, and more. The spells in the spell book are seen as one a basic resource for each mage, because the amount of spells that you have, determines your basic spell level. Once acquired, you'll never lose the spell and never lower basic spell level, as long as you keep your mage alive.

Each color can learn their own Simple, Average, Complex, Ultimate and Ancient spells. They can learn their own adjacent color's Simple, Average, and Complex spells, and finally can learn their opposite color's Simple and Average spells. Phantasm is the exception: they can learn every color's Simple, Average, and Complex spells, so their spell level is the highest of all the colors. Ancient spell scrolls are hard to learn for adjacent and opposite colors - but spell level helps. Admins have their own set of spells, and so have the Gods.

Spectrum.jpg Each color has two adjacent and opposite colors, which you can imagine as adjacent and opposite points of the pentegram diagram below, or as the diagrams to the side, looped. Spectrum.jpg
Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon PLAIN.gifIcon NETHER.gif

Gods and Skills and the Black Market can add some extra spell level. Every color's Simple, Average, Complex spells are available on the Black Market under Exotic Mageware. This is one of two places Ancient spells can be learned; the other method is from using specific Unique items that have a fixed percentage chance of allowing your mage to learn an Ancient spell. Bidding on the spells on the Black Market is a guaranteed way to learn the spell if you have the highest bid, while the Unique Items carry a risk of destroying your entire mana reserve.

Mana cost for spell casting
Spell TypeOn-ColourAdjacent ColourOpposite Colour
Ultimate100%not possible

Casting adjacent and off-color spells is more mana costly than on-color, especially for off-color complex spells. Casting the spell of off-color spells further carries a risk of failure, depending on the complexity of the spell. If the casting fails, turns and mana and are consumed without benefit. Opposite color casting carries a greater risk of failure than adjacent color casting. The risk of failure increases with the complexity of the spell. It decreases with Spell Level. Failure rate can be further reduced by the Phantasm enchantment Icon PHANTASM.gif Concentration. Concentration also reduces research time for spells (for all colors) and increases off-color summoning yields (for Phantasm mages).

Encyclopedia Magika: Volume II: The Book of Spells

Eradication Icon ERADICATION.gif

Spell Effect
Battle Chant Increases AP and decreases HP of own units in battle.

Takes home geld if attack is successful (Icon ERADICATION.gif mages only).

Blaze Inflicts minor damage, twice as effective as Force Bolt.
Call Dwarven Deathseeker Summon Dwarven Deathseekers into your army.
Call Lightning Kills Population: between 5%-8%.
Call Lizardmen Summon Lizardmen into your army.
Chain Lightning Does strong Lightning damage to one enemy group and does weak Lightning damage to remaining enemies. Seems to do more damage to smaller units.
Destroy Artifacts Destroys 1-5 random artifacts of targeted mage.
Disintegrate Kills units in 1 random stack. Red's version of Gaze of Death.
Earthquake It empties all mana of caster, and then from the target subtracts half that amount of mana.
Fireball Inflicts major fire damage to random group. Efficient if used against units with Weakness to fire.
Flame Arrow Adds Fire attack type to all Missile attacks.
Flame Blade Adds FIRE attack type to any MELEE stack.
Flame Shield Gives your units 100% FIRE Resistance, and gives them the ability Bursting Fire.

Bursting is triggered by each enemy melee and holy primary attack.

Force Bolt Inflicts minor lightning damage to a random enemy stack.
Giant Strength +20% AP to all stacks.
Gravity Pull Pulls those enemy flying units that fail to resist the spell to the ground.

Grounded stacks are dealt an amount of Melee damage because of the impact, and are paired to ground stacks.

Inferno Inflicts major amounts of fire damage to all enemy stacks.

Smaller units suffer far more damage than big ones.

Lightning Strike Moderate lightning damage to 1 random enemy stack.
Meteor Storm Destroys buildings and population each turn taken by the targeted mage.

Takes its upkeep mana from the casting mage, during every turn the targeted mage moves under the enchantment.

Stun Typically 30% reduction of both resistances and efficiency of enemy units that fail to resist Stun.
Summon Chimera Summon Chimera into your army.
Summon Efreeti Summon Efreeti into your army.
Summon Fire Elemental Summon Fire Elementals into your army.
Summon Hellhound Summon Hell Hounds into your army.
Summon Hydra Summon Hydra into your army.
Summon Red Dragon Summon Red Dragons into your army.
Summon Salamander Summon Salamanders into your army.
Summon Wyvern Summon Wyverns into your army.
Volcano Eruption Kills target's units and population and destroys buildings, including forts.

Verdant Icon VERDANT.gif

Spell Effect
Animal Summoning Summon Gorillas into your army.
Call Creeping Vines Summon Creeping Vines into your army.
Call Griffon Summon Griffons into your army.
Call Hurricane All flying units will be grounded and suffer -1 initiative.
Call Mandrake Summon Mandrakes into your army.
Call Treants Summon Treants into your army.
Call Phoenix Summon Phoenixes into your army.
Cancellation Removes all enchantments from the targetted mage, also cures global epidemics.
Enlarge Animal Increases HP, AP and counter attack for all Animals you own.
Eye of the Eagle Elves get +10% accuracy.
Nature's Cure Restores HP.
Nature's Favor Summon Treants, Dryads and Nymphs every turn, gives bonus to population.
Nature's Lore Increase explore and gives a bonus to Elves.
Plant Growth Increases the HP, counter and AP of all treefolk units: Treant, Mandrake, and Creeping Vines.
Regeneration Resurrects 10% of all your slain units in battle.
Rust Armor Lowers melee resistance of all enemy units by 30%.
Serenity Dispells a number of enchantments on a target. Can be used offensively but also to save a friend.
Stunning Beauty Elves and Humans in your army gain Beauty ability.
Summon Dryad Summon Dryads into your army.
Summon Earth Elemental Summon Earth Elementals into your army.
Summon Locust Swarm Decreases food production of farms of the target mage.
Summon Nymph Summon Nymphs into your army.
Summon Werebear Summon Werebears into your army.
Sunray Increases protection from Icon NETHER.gif Nether and Icon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm magic.
Weather Summoning Increase food production of farms.
Web of the Spider Woman Reduces the initiative of one random enemy stack by 1.
Wooden Soul Increaes HP for one random stack in your army.

Ascendant Icon ASCENDANT.gif

Spell Effect
Armor of Light Increases hit points of one stack by 10%.
Bless Rises primary attack accuracy of one stack by 7%. Secondary attack by 6%. Counter by 3%.
Blinding Flash Reduces accuracy of enemy units
Consecration Summon Fanatics into your army
Descent of Holy Being Summon Dominions into your army
Dispel Magic Improves the chances of dispelling enchantments
Divine Inspiration On Apprentice server only, patch to compensate The Holy Light absence.

Increase your accuracy in battle. It has a hidden mana upkeep, and only works for white mages.

Gate Summon Archangels, Angels, Unicorns or Knights into your army
Healing Ressurects units at the end of the battle, except when whole stacks are wiped.
Heavenly Protection Gives a chance to reflect an enemy battle spell.
Holy Word Destroys some of the enemy's undead.
Locate Artifact Finds items for later use by the caster.
Love and Peace Increase HP and decrease AP of own units in battles. Preachers join your army every turn.

Reduces the Geld upkeep of your units.

Miracle Revives the complete army, except stacks that were totally wiped.
Platinum Hand of Healing Ressurects 15% of slain units.
Protection from Evil Grants your kingdom resistance against Icon NETHER.gif spells, both in battles as well as directly cast.
Protection from Missile Protects a random stack from any missile attacks.
Resist Elements Adds resistance to fire, cold and lightning.
Resurrection Resurrects units slain during battle.
Summon Angel Summon Angels into your army.
Summon Archangel Summon Archangels into your army.
Summon Astral Magician Summon Astral Magicians into your army.
Summon Pegasus Summon Pegasus into your army.
Summon Soul Speaker Summon Soul Speakers into your army.
Summon Spirit Warrior Summon Spirit Warriors into your army.
Summon Titan Summon Titans into your army.
Summon Unicorn Summon Unicorns into your army.
Sword of Light Battle spell that adds holy attack and increased AP to units of MELEE Attack Type
The Holy Light Enchantment that adds holy attack to units of MELEE Attack Type

Phantasm Icon PHANTASM.gif

Spell Effect
Call Sirenes Summon Sirenes into your army.
Concentration Decreases the chance of failure in casting off-color spells.

Increases research speed. For Icon PHANTASM.gif mages also increases off-color summoning yields.

Confuse Decreases target's chance for successful spell casting and successful dispelling.
Conjure Elemental Summon Water Elementals, Ice Elementals or Air Elementals into your army.
Double Time Increases accuracy and initiative to one of your stacks.
Flight Adds Flying ability to one of your stacks.
Fog Cloud Decreases accuracy for attacker and defender in a battle.
Fool's Gold Removes a random amount of geld from a target, transferring part of it to caster.
Hallucination Gives a chance your enemy cannot find your kingdom when attacking, and reduces the efficiency of your units by 10%.
Invisibility Sets 1 random stack Initiative to 6 and doubles Fatigue to the enemy stack that hits it
Laziness Decreases the base geld income of the target.
Lovesick Cast by Icon PHANTASM.gif adds Charm and Beauty abilities to your units. Adds Beauty only when cast off-color.
Mental Thrash Deals fixed amount of psychic attack type damage to one enemy stack.
Mind Bar Increases spell resistance for all five magic specialties (Icon ERADICATION.gifIcon VERDANT.gifIcon ASCENDANT.gifIcon NETHER.gifIcon PHANTASM.gif).
Mirage Monster Summon 6666 Shadow Monsters into your army for 1 battle.
Paralyze Lowers initiative, AP and counter-attack.
Phantasm Magic Deals minor amount of psychic damage to the enemy army.
Phase Step Battle spell making some stacks attack earlier in battle. Replaces Feet of Hermes since October 2007.
Scrying Mirror Randomly reveals information of targetted mage.
Sleep Reduces all the resistances of one single enemy stack
Slow Decreases Enemy unit's initiative by 1.
Steal Artifact Steals 1 random artifact from target.
Summon Djinni Summon Djinnies into your army.
Summon Leviathan Summon Leviathans into your army.
Summon Medusa Summon Medusa into your army.
Summon Mind Ripper Summon Mind Rippers into your army.
Summon Psychic Wisp Summon Psychic Wisps into your army.
Summon Sprite Summon Sprites into your army.
Summon Sylph Summon Sylphs into your army.
Temporal Stasis Field Doubles the turn costs for moves by the targeted mage.
The Wall of Silence Renders spell casting very hard, both for the target and for mages encountering that target.
Wish May gain you nothing, can make you gain or lose turns and can make you lose mana,

but may also gain you Geld, population, lesser items, Efreeti Bottle, Skill-point.

Nether Icon NETHER.gif

Spell Effect
Animate Ghouls Summon Ghouls to your army.
Animate Skeletons Summon Skeletons to your army.
Animate Zombie Summon Zombies to your army.
Battle Lust +80% AP increase to all stacks, -40% HP penalty.
Black Death Kills units and population every turn. This epidemic spreads through battles.
Black Sabbath Randomizes but increases node output. Summon Zombies and Skeletons every turn.
Blacken Soul Kills units and paralyzes 1 random stack.
Blood Curse Prevents healing of enemy units.
Blood Ritual Summon Ghouls every turns.
Conjure Dark Elemental Summon Dark Elementals to your army.
Contract of the Soul Devils come to help in battles for 25 hours, particulary on defense and in counters.

Population allows upkeeping this enchantment a limited number of turns only. Regaining Population after Contract of the Soul is hindered by the Devil Prince hero.

Corruption Summon Fallen Units.
Curse Lowers accuracy of 1 stack.
Death and Decay Destroys targets land and population/
Dreams of Seduction Summon Succubi into your army.
Fear Lowers AP and counter of 1 stack.
Foul Water Increase AP to all MELEE units and gives them POISON attack type.
Gaze of Death Kills units in 1 random stack.
Kiss of the Vampire All units gain the ability Steal Life.
Night of the Living Dead Sacrifices population and summon random undead units
Shroud of Darkness Add resistance against Icon ASCENDANT.gif Ascendant Magic.
Summon Demon Knight Summon Demon Knights to your army.
Summon Horned Demon Summon Horned Demons to your army.
Summon Lich Summon Liches to your army.
Summon Shadow Summon Shadows to your army.
Summon Unholy Reaver Summon Unholy Reavers to your army.
Summon Vampire Summon Vampires to your army.
Summon Wraith Summon Wraith to your army.
Touch of Necromancy Raises 30% of slain units from opponents army as Undeads to join your army.

Plain Icon PLAIN.gif

Spell Effect
Armageddon Enchantment associated to the climaxal destruction battle at the end of the game round.

It is to be casted and upkept by 7 mages over 6 days, to start the one day final battle at the 7th day.

If this doesn't happen within 3 months of game round, server triggered Armageddon comes at an announced time.

Frozen Hell Capital punishment by admins: Freezes a mage for a week, then kills. Earlier suicide is allowed.
Fury of God Very damaging enchantment occasionally casted by Hatred Gods (for 1 turn, almost deadly).

Admins can cast it also, as capital punishment (permanent, definately deadly).

Mute Minor punishment by admins: disables in-game messaging and description editing.
Time Twister Minor punishment by admins: substracts a full amount of turns.

Heroes' spells

Retired spells

Spell Effect
Icon PHANTASM.gif Feet of Hermes Discontinued spell, replaced by Phase Step. Added the Swift ability to one of your stacks.