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*Most Favored grants +10% [[Accuracy|Accuracy]]  
*Most Favored grants +10% [[Accuracy|Accuracy]]  
*Gives you 100 [[Red_Dragon|Red Dragons]] (with normal upkeep).
*Gives you 100 [[Red_Dragon|Red Dragons]] (with normal upkeep)  
**<span style="color:#2ecc71;">On the [[Beta_Server|Beta Server]], the number of </span><span style="color:#2ecc71;">[[Red_Dragons|Red Dragons]]&nbsp;</span><span style="color:#2ecc71;">granted is land divided by 120, or&nbsp;a minimum of 100</span>
***<span style="color:#2ecc71;">Example 1: If you have 24,000 Land, you will get 200 </span><span style="color:#2ecc71;">[[Red_Dragons|Red Dragons]]&nbsp;(Max of 24,000 / 120 = 200 and 100 is 200)</span>
***<span style="color:#2ecc71;">Example 2: If you have 5,000 Land, you will get 100 </span><span style="color:#2ecc71;">[[Red_Dragons|Red Dragons]]&nbsp;(Max of 5,000 / 120 = 41.66 and 100 is 100)</span>

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  • Sun, the Father of the Sky
  • The Highfather maintains the philosophy that he alone is right. He believes himself to be modest and righteous, but the other gods and their followers simply don't share that belief. Not that such troubles the Father of the Sky: he doesn't hesitate to use any method to convince people of his truths. The Highfather executes revenge and just punishment on those who transgress the law (his law). He promotes the ideals of justice, valor, chivalry, and honor, but only if their practice fits his definitions. To his followers, his power feels as a defining and unifying force. All things must have a master plan, and the Highfather is the master planner! Sun delivers great force to his favoured followers, and that makes him the most popular and loved of the gods. Sun is gaining power at great rates. Constantly making proclamations and rules, he is always first to attack Nature's policies, though he has no intention of forcing another direct confrontation with Nature. Her last provoked attack wounded him greatly and it is his pride and dignity that were wounded the most. Sun's power is respected by the other gods, but they consider him far too difficult to work with as an ally. He is doomed to stand alone, and so are his followers who are generally disreputed by other gods. Sun usually appears as a paladin in shining armor who is missing his left hand and left eye. He lost his hand and eye in a fight with his traitorous lieutenant Lucifer. But now that Lucifer has ascended to deityhood and is in conflict with Satan, Sun hopes to renew the alliance with his old companion in order to strengthen his position in the firmament.



  • Donate Minimum 15,000,000 Geld or 10% of your current Geld (Including items/heroes/units/spells you are selling and buying)


  • +3% accuracy in battles

Most Favored


  • Cannot be favored by any other god
  • Must have Sun Favor
  • Must have Satan Disfavor or Hatred
  • Must have at least 10 stacks
  • Minimum net power of 10,000,000
  • Must be in Top 10 Donators for Sun
  • Don't use Demons or Undead in your stack
  • Must donate 100% of Geld, minimum donation is 1,600,000,000 (Lightning, Beta); 800,000,000 (Blitz); 600,000,000 (Guildwar, Solo); 300,000,000 (Arch)


  • Most Favored grants +10% Accuracy
  • Gives you 100 Red Dragons (with normal upkeep)
    • On the Beta Server, the number of Red Dragons granted is land divided by 120, or a minimum of 100
      • Example 1: If you have 24,000 Land, you will get 200 Red Dragons (Max of 24,000 / 120 = 200 and 100 is 200)
      • Example 2: If you have 5,000 Land, you will get 100 Red Dragons (Max of 5,000 / 120 = 41.66 and 100 is 100)