The Covenant

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Name:The Covenant
Server:Blitz Guild

The Covenant is forge by a Solid Guild Alliance Ring that agreed together to be United and Fight as a One Group. The Covenant literally means "An Agreement" or "A Compact". It was name The Covenant for it was solely an aggreement of different guild Leaders and members of guild/mages in Terra.

The Covenant History goes back to MARITEL CORP. Game named Archmage The Reincarnation from Hell. It's main root started at that game/server. The Guild was known and has different branches from Apprentice to Beta Server.

The Covenant always value Honor above all, it's teachings, principles and styles of playing are based in a righteous way although it's main goal is to have fun.

Mortius was the mastermind behind all it's guild at the different servers in MARI AM, you can find the old TC realm at

"By Birth and By Blood, Brothers in Arms. In Life till Death take us! There's No Life without Honor..."

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