The Multifariously Named Guild

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Name: The Multifariously Named Guild
Server:Ager Guild
Leader:Loki Wyrd
Website:Guild Boards
Lifespan:6 Resets


TMNG formed under the leadership of Loki Wyrd during Terra 5. Originally consisting of only Loki and his school friends, the guild continually took on larger and larger guilds, and grew to ~35 members before then end. Records from some resets no longer exist, but you can safely assume that TMNG waged war each time.

During Terra 6, TMNG took on Knights Templar of Terra, probably over a counter-policy dispute. During this set, certain other smaller guilds - most notably the Russian playing guild 'Red Army' - were incorperated within TMNG as factions.

Terra 8 saw Loki and his guild engaged in three wars - against Vigilante Corps, The Constellation and finally Army of Darkness. In this reset it became evident that better communication and tutoring was required throughout the guild; constructive sharing of the leadership duties began and lasted much of the rest of the guild's lifespan. The Red Army proved to be wholly useless throughout these wars, and most of it's mages left TMNG at the end of the reset.

Terra 9 was TMNG's second major war - alongside Knights of the Silverose versus ToonTopia, as well as a second war with World Order. galad joined TMNG during this reset (that's important, right?)

Terra 10 was TMNG's final reset, and they went out with a bang. This reset saw the introduction of the Lottery Counter Policy - whereby any mage who hit a TMNG member five times in the reset was placed into the lottery. The "winner" would then be killed. The policy was dropped about halfway through the reset, at about the same time TMNG marched to war.

TMNG declared on GeoTopia, along with The Red Moon Brotherhood, The French Majik and The Crimson Crusade. Topia's ally, Hungry Men, declared on Topia's largest threat - TMNG. The war against Hungry Men lasted only nine days before Hungry Men were forced to surrender.

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