The Templars

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Name:The Templars
Leader:Ba Alzamon
IRC:Pretty sure it wasn't around yet.


The Templars were the honorable guild of the newborn Apprentice server. They were established to uphold the rules, purge evil players from Terra, and to protect those who followed them. They were run by five elders, and laid the groundwork for arguably the most powerful and controversial guild in AM, The Kindred. The two co-existed for a short time in Terra before the Templars were disbanded.

Kundalini aka HolyRoller...founder/leader of the Kindred
Lord Nicimus
Ba alzamon...the in-game founder/leader

Temps had many friends in Terra, it was a much simpler time where a well-written letter would have prevented war and honor was still a huge part of the game. Here are some of the guild's most trusted allies from the early days.

The Kindred
The Horde
Holy Legion of God
Keepers of the Lore
Legion of High Mages
The Wearers Of Red
Silent Blades
Mage of Angels
Library of Angels

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