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(Past Game Info)
(Past Guilds Served)
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'''Mari Blitz'''<br>
'''Mari Blitz'''<br>
Borg Hive<br>
Borg Hive<br>
Disciples of Valor<br>
Circle of Elemental Power<br>
Circle of Elemental Power<br><br><br>
Disciples of Valor<br><br><br>
== Present Game Info ==
== Present Game Info ==

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Location: Canada

Past Guilds Served

Mari App
The Horde
Library Of Angels
Rifters of Matter The Wearers of Red Legion of the Reborn Paladin
Guardians of the Rift

Mari Blitz
Borg Hive
Circle of Elemental Power
Disciples of Valor

Present Game Info

TR App
Transient member of the Library Of Angels
Member of Pesky