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  • updating Apprentice History.
  • building an all-in-one IRC script, including a Wiki lookup. (roughly 25% done, see below)
  • I follow the Decalogue; so there will be no options available to get in-game information. TR has supplied sufficient tools for supporting mages/guilds to eliminate the need for this anyways. This ain't Archmage, peeps.

Various Script Features (not so complete list, will update eventually):

  • Script on/off, ability to password protect specific script functions. (DONE)
  • Owner commands
  • Current TR Server Date and Time - !time = Date and Time: Feb 28th 2010 19:45 (CET) (DONE)
  • Armageddon countdown for specific server - !arma arch = Arch Server Armageddon in 3 hours, 41 minutes, 04 seconds (DONE)
  • Hero XP, similar to those which already exist. (DONE)
  • Meditation end for guild/allies, mage enters med end time with !medadd and script records their current nick and end time. !medlist (password) displays all end times to anyone with access granted. example:

   !medadd Feb 28th 2010 19:45
   !medlist (password) = Opti is meditating until Feb 28th 2010 19:45 (DONE)

  • Wiki script, anything on Wiki can be displayed in IRC - example:

<@ExampleSearch> !wiki Accuracy
<@ExampleScript> Wiki: Accuracy is one of the factors that determines how much damage your troops actually do in a battle...their numbers in your army and their Attack Power according to the Encyclopedia is only the starting point. All other effects reduce that amount to the actual amount subtracted from Health Points and determining the casualties. Normally units have 30% (base) accuracy.

Any suggestions for script features or feedback is appreciated.

tests for wiki editing.

Guilds Active
Black Dragon Clan BDC
Blade&Fury B&F
Clan Assamite CA
Dark Protectors of Terra DPT
Legion of the Reborn Paladin LotRP
Library Of Angels LoA
MaGe Of AnGeLs AnGeLs
Mages of the Stone Sword MotSS
Shaolin Temple Order of Monks SToM
Socio Political Control SPC
Star cresh Mirror
The Kindred Kindred
The Templars Templars
The Wearers of Red TWoR
Towers of High Sorcery ToHS
Wu Tang Clan WuTang

Reset 1


Reset Date: Dec/99 or Jan/00 to March 2, 2000

  • Leader of Star cresh Mirror, Penguin, was a MARI employee accused of using insider information to gain ridiculous in-game privileges. MARI would restrict employee maging from then on (Some have speculated that this happened on S1, not App. Anyone have proof of this?)
  • Legion of the Reborn Paladin and Library of Angels declare war on mass-multi BDC
  • Leader of the Templars, Storme, assembles several guilds to battle mass-multi BDC, including LotRP and LoA
  • Leader of Mages of the Stone Sword, Nicimus, merges his guild into the Templars


B&F   vs   SPC
BDC   vs   AnGeLs, Assamite, DPT, Kindred, LoA, MotSS, Templars, ToHS