Non Aggression Pact

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Non Aggression Pact

An agreement between two parties not attack one another. The difference with an alliance is, that NAP-ed parties will not automatically support each other in a war against a third party, whereas allied parties normally do.

PNAP is used for personal NAP's (e.g. between two single mages, or between a single mage and a whole guild)

To add some details, There are generally 2 kinds of NAP's

NAP 1: A 2 way agreement where neither mage to mage or guild to guild or even mage to guild or vice versa will hit each other. The adding of donation status also allows to have mages added to this nap, which will not allow guilded mages to hit this person. However, the NAP mage, can still attack the guild that napd him or her. A ND(non description mage-not guilded) can not place people on a nap list, as they do not have a guild feature, so they need to be aware of who has given them a nap.

NAP 2: A 1 way nap. This is when, for example, a guild violates your roe, and wishes to resolve it, some leader who are fair & generous will be inclined to offer you a 1 way NAP. You can still random them, with in the RoE, but they can NOT random you while the nap is in place. They can however, counter you, but this will require the guild leader to remove the nap for a set time to allow you to take your counter. You should also be able to ask your guild leader, or if your not guilded, just amail any guild leader, for a further explanation. It has been my personal experience that nearly every guild leader is more than happy to help explain their own rules of engagements. Also irc galaxynet channel #appa & #reincarnation are two stellar channels for getting assistance with questions you may have.

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