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  • Information on a wiki by its nature can be edited by anyone. Changes to wiki pages are monitored by its usercommunity and admins, which avoids abuse. Sometimes unwanted/misleading content may be present however - use the information smart and only for 'play'-purpose - don't get upset when things turn out untrue.
  • If you find anything posted on this wiki that breaks a copyright:
    • Edit the page removing the stuff, and put a note in the summary page.
  • If you want to contact us about it:
  • the roots of the game lay in the community of Archmage players. Archmage was a free webgame run from 1997-2003 by a Korean company going bankrupt and web-silent. The Reincarnation (TR) game is completely recoded by former AM players, too addicted to give up their game when the original provider did.
  • This wiki and our game The Reincarnation is a non-commercial project, ran in spare time by volunteers, with no intention to become commercial any time.