Allah's One Page Newbie Guide

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Here's a one page guide for newbie.
This games takes a long time to learn.
Just have fun.

  • Get a friend to teach you. Create a mage.
  • Watch your gold/mana/population/forts. Make sure they are not zero.
  • Use your turns. Don't let it overspill
  • In the beginning, you should only research.
Explore to 1.5k land.
Build 300 Workshops
Build 20 Forts
Build 1000 Libraries
Have enough Farms/Towns to be cashflow positive.
(Farms : Towns ratio is 3:1)
Spend turns researching to make the research faster.
Research your colour spells first.
Cast Concentration every 100 spell level.
Rebuild/reexplore if someone hit you. Keep researching.
  • Once you are done researching.
You enter normal phase.
Explore to 4k land.
You should build like this
Workshops 300
Nodes 45% of land
Forts 20
  • Summon troops.
For beginner. Summon troops of your colour.
Don't bother with barracks troops. Don't need to recruit. Just summon troops.
Make sure you have mana/gold/pop to support.
You can check the upkeep in the status report page.
If you have too much troops, you can disband some of them
  • Attacking / Defending
You can attack using siege / regular / pillage
You should use ranking page and attack those that are 80% of your power.
Siege give you most land but it's harder to succeed compared to regular
Pillage steal gold and items from the mage
U lose land if
1. U lose more power than enemy
2. If enemy kills 5% (regular)
10% (siege) Of your forces
If you lose 30% of your power during defence.
You will enter D - Damaged mode for 24hr.
No one can hit you.
But other mages that you hit before can still counter you.
  • ROE. Rule of engagement
Please do not attack a mage more than once in 24 hour
Do not spell/item other mages
  • Guild
Join a guild to learn more!
Join a supporting guild to have access to more features
  • Readings
Hall of sages forum. Newbie.
  • Suggestions
Join lightning server to practise. There's more turns for you to fool around. You can research a mage in a day or two.