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The Pacifists? guild was founded nearly at the beginning of AM.

Pacifists? lived by the following rules :

1. Pacifists? never attack. They will only retaliate. But the retaliations were hard : For each attack : 3 counters or complete recovery of the land lost. Example:
Your attack was successful and you gained 16 acres, while destroying 33 acres of land.
Then the guild would attack you until they had gained 49 acres and destroyed how ever many it took.. Each pillage or failed attacks : one counter Item / spells : WAR

2. Pacifists? guild practice counter sharing. The guild considers that the lands lost in battle are lost by the guild as an entity, so the land recovery can be done by any member.

This is for the main.

Pacifists? guild HOFed many times of course. The guild was present on both S1 and A1.

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