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    • Arch Server is essentially the same as Apprentice Server, but a few changes have been made aside from its name. Such as
  • 15 minutes per turn to 12 minutes per turn.
  • 150 turn cap increased to 180 turn cap.

Arch Server

  • Are you new to The Reincarnation?
  • Does the game seem too complicated?
  • Are you unsure where to start?
  • Would you like some help to get going?
    • If your answer to any of the above questions is 'yes', then Apprentice Academy is there for YOU. The Apprentice Academy (AppA) is a guild, but it's a guild unlike any others. Rather than playing to gain power, to get its members into the Hall of Immortals, or to win wars, AppA's sole purpose is to teach new players about how the game works, making it easier for them to scale that learning curve and quite simply learn how to play.

AppA was first started several years back and has a lot of history, but over the past year the Academy has been closed down due to lack of teachers. At this point in time, with the number of players on Arch server ever dwindling, a group of us have decided to bring back this teaching institution in order to get more new players to stay in the game, something that is clearly much needed. The teachers of AppA are a mixture of different people with different levels of experience, playing in different guilds on Arch. We might not know everything, but together we bring a massive bulk of knowledge that will be well sufficient to give any motivated new player a good introduction to playing The Reincarnation in general, and Arch server in particular.

At this point barely two weeks remain of the current set, and it may be we will not be able to accomplish much in that time, but nonetheless we have decided to open our gates now and are therefore accepting students effective immediately. Anyone interested in enrolling in the Apprentice Academy as a student should visit the Academy forums: AppA

If it's your first visit, you will need to register a new account, and then go to the "Recruitment Center" section of the boards where you read the "READ THIS" thread, and then make a new topic introducing yourself with information as specified in the "READ THIS" thread. Additional teachers are naturally also welcome.

  • With this, it is my pleasure to bid you all welcome to the new incarnation of the Apprentice Academy.

Cheers n' all. Posted by Laanders Read Me New Players