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BADComm information

Name: BADCommunication
Shortname: BC
Server: Blitz only
Leaders: GrundgeGor (2005 - 2006) ChaosEntity (December, 2005)
IRC: Will be up soon
Status: Active


This guild has been, and always will be the joint creation of three mages. GrundgeGor (Owen Gregory), ChaosEntity (Sten Nigol) and grungelord (Alex Gurling). This is the breif history of our guild, which will be filled in more in the future as we develope as a guild.

Our first guild that we made, Prophecy, was only a small guild. Lacking members, we were one of the worst ranking in Terra. Soon enough after one reset, we grew bored of the name and decided to go with a new one. After a week of thinking of a new name, Alex and I came up with a really good name... till we forgot it another hour or so later... So I quickly searched through my song list and came across a B'z song called BADCommunication, and thus, the guild was born.

BADCommunication has always been a small guild, based on defending the other members in the guild. Today, we've brought BADCommunication up to a 60+ member guild, ranking 8 among the other guilds of the 2006 October - present reset.

We hope for BC to grow bigger in the future.

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