Chaos Theory

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Name:Chaos Theory
Leader:Tenedos and Bhac


Chaos Theory was created as a small guild at first, centered mostly around its three main founders, Tenedos, Bhac, and Cray, friend mages that had been allies for some time in Terra. After they managed to find two more mages to round out thier founding members, the cow brothers NeoCow and TheMilkingCow, they started the guild, expecting to be subsumed at some time into a larger guild. However, they recieved a much larger responce then expected, due mostly to the cow brothers' excellent power growth, which propelled the two of them into the top 25 for the greater majority of the first reincarnation. Because of this great responce, they decided to try to become one of the most powerful guilds on terra. So Tenedos, Cray, and Bhac only accept the most powerful and active mages into thier guild. And so thier story continues...

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