Circle of Dead Children - CoDC

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Name: Circle of Dead Children
Shortname: CoDC
Server: Beta Server (MARI)
Leader: JuniL
Co-Leader: lecOi


Brief History

Circle of Dead Children was a guild formed by Global Access players in USC-TC, Talamban Cebu City. The founders are lecoi and junil. The first set they played were not that good since they were new players and still learning. Their mentor was Einstien aka puthaw and goo. puthaw and goo were both 5UCK [5 United Celestial Kingdom] members. Later on friends came to join the guild. There was also 1 member who is from Singapore. HeadShot was a former CoDC, back then he was still a newbie.

At the present only 3 CoDC members are playing: lecoi, junil, jhyx aka HeadShot. Playing on another guild and another server.

Former members

HeadShot Norwin KrazyBone Shar0n M Edris Cuatre PUTAKALA Goody

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