Dead man Inc.

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Guildname:Dead man Inc.

Guild Leader: Zarkahn


history Dead man inc never exceeded a member base of 20 memebrs. We always stayed small and only lived for war. Our main concern was doing what the admins were incapable of doing, destroying multimages. Zarkahn, after leaving some other guild (can't rememeber which one) started dead man inc to destroy the multimage infestation. We must have killed thousands of multi's. We were always at war with at least 20 or 30 mages. This was the most fun I have ever had in archmage.

I think eventually we got tired of the unending battle's against the cheaters and decided just to be a normal guild. But the guild got disbanded shortly after and everyone went there separate ways.

Maybe someday Dead man inc could be reborn again. hopefully we don't have to be.

note:if any former deadman inc memeber wants to add something please feel free to do so


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