Disposable Mages

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Disposable Mages refers to the act of repeatedly using newly created mages, each with full turns, to attack/disrupt/harass certain target mage(s) or guild(s), with the purpose of causing irredeemable losses to those parties while giving no chance to retaliate, or simply making their lives miserable.

Key characteristics of disposable mages, that separate them from other forms of in-game attacks include:

- Disposable mages tend to die quickly after using their initial turns, so they can reincarnate again with full turns. Since it is impossible to directly activate the suicide command right after offensive actions towards other mages, disposable mage users use other means to get their mages killed, most commonly running turns under god's or enemy's spells, or destroying down to 1 fort to attract a final blow. Some players claimed to be able to complete 1 round of suicide bombing, including dying and reincarnating, in as little as 5-15 minutes. It's probably safe to say that anyone with enough knowledge of the game and some luck can do it in 2-3 hours. With this method of rapidly "regaining" turns, killing off disposable mages is not only futile, but benefits them and harms yourself.

- No responsibility is claimed. It is almost impossible for players to identify the source(s) of disposable mages, even with reasonable suspicion. These mages rarely give a clue about where they're from, and are unguilded. Note that guilded disposable mages, though annoying, are still in the spirit of the game since someone is still claiming responsibility, and in guild wars where kill count is the main determining factor of winning/losing, enemies of the guilded disposable mages can still "gain" something from killing those mages, in contrast to killing unguilded disposable mages, which is fruitless.

- There are many voices begging to mention disposable maging as unwanted in the Decalogue