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Game Developers

The core of the The Reincarnation's Developer Team. These are the hard working individuals that create game code, fix bugs, and keep the game running. Development happens on the Beta Server, and after testing will be brought over to the game servers. Developers rarely will acknowledge private messages with game suggestions, preferring instead to let players offer suggestions on the Game Suggestions board of the TR forums. As with game suggestions, the developers usually will not respond to player messages concerning bugs, as the General Bugs board of the TR forums is the appropriate place to report them.

Current Developers

  • Cyrus (Server Administrator)
  • Hypello (Head Developer)
  • Laanders
  • BelsyDelsy
  • Denom

Joining the Developer Team

Those wishing to join the developer team should possess the following skills:

  • Have lots of time to kill
  • Ability to write and understand Perl code
  • Ability to write and understand javascript
  • Ability to write and understand SQL code
  • Work in a team environment

Those wishing to apply should send a resume to: