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This beautiful golden crown has ten points that are each inlaid with a valuable gem. When worn the mage is able to focus the magical properties of the crown, allowing the faster learning of the ten skills of the archmage.

Item Details
Name The Golden Crown
Attribute Unique Permanent
Charge turn 0


  • Increases skill point generation by 15%
  • There is no upkeep

I was running 526 guilds on 5257 land for 10% guilds to my land ratio. I currently had lvl 16 grand enchanter with 345 turns to go for level 17, after obtaining the crown, with only 1 turn used, the turns for learning level 17 was 300, so technically a 44 turn decrease. I'm not good with figuring out percentages, so I'll let someone else do that part. There appears to be no upkeep as well. *submitted by ThanatosRX