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type: warguild

Age: 12 years, since maritel was in charge.


mirc channel: #iot on galaxynet

The Intimidators of Terra and one of the most controversial guilds that TR has ever seen. One moment the community is cheering for them to destroy a threat or whatever guild IOT seemed to be crushing at that moment. The next moment the server is uniteing to try and overthrow them. Many people hate iot many people love them, one thing is for sure IOT has brought more to this game, Good or bad, than just about any other guild has.

Iot was origonally started under a dual leadership of Deathwarp and Zarkahn.

Current Leader is "TBA"

Ex:leaders include - Zarkahn, Deathwarp, Soulblight, Shinigami, Gemfire, LocoLobo, Lawdog

EX:high council memebrs include: Elva, jacko, beefy, swiss, Venom, Swellie, Unlucky, Locolobo, Lawdog, Firpo, Kristos, Gemfire, Swiss,

we are blood brother to Jade Temple knights when they are around.

We are a TR supporting guild

Honorary members include: soulblight, T'kon Macrineau, Shahrayar, Bombshell, Deathwarp, Root, magekiller, elva, Gemfire, Jacko, Rip, LS, Sweetangel, Roar, Firpo, Fizban, Lawdog, Shinigami, Gelayski, Swiss, Beefy, ArchAngel, BoyZ, JayB, Castiel, MeatSlap, Sahdower, Shaka Zulu, Encantoure, Locolobo, Hedren, Majik, Anarchy...

Here is the IOT history Ancient Terra, Old Archmage (mari)

[reset 1]

Amidst the puerile age of Terra, a group of wandering mages established a new circle of conjurers. All of which came into an agreement to creating a new realm denominated as "The Intimidators of Terra." The name itself speaks for its what it seeks, but to posses such cognomen is a great challenge, for who is mighty and strong to crush and trample all in the battlefield, and furthermore, all in the land of the archmagi? As the narrations are phrased in this brief memoire, you will bear witness to its preeminence and its veracity to keep the name.

As time scrolled by, diplomatic agreements were made by The Fremen Warriors and The Spire. The trio created an alliance, sworn and bonded by the great friendship amongst brethrens of each. Respect, honor, and the love of battle, were the common attributes they shared--their co-existence truly admirable and unseparable.

As all great realms would face conflict, IoT made its first against The Realm of the Mage Knights. The guild faced their greatest challenge, being at its infantile stage and only having 10 valiant warriors to defend the forts. The battle didn't last long as expected. Half of IoT's mages were slaughtered during the strife, and it had no choice but to end the bloodshed, otherwise, all of those who carry the name will perish --- worse the guild would be no more. The decision was made concrete, the white flag was raised by IoT to prevent further destruction and redeem what was left by the rampage. This was IoT's first skirmish against a raging horde, and it left them wrecked empire and few army. However, the outcome did not prevent IoT from still existing in Terra. Although in shame, it still thrived, for War is the great mentor of IoT, each learns from every experience and campaigns, making them more versatile, effective and wiser to the battles to come. In honour of the foe, the lordship then sent his emissery to RMK for his formal declaration of a surrender, pay tribute and request for their alliance for the years to come. Disappointment struck the emissary during his visit to the foes's stronghold, for their leader was in a temporary absence and no one can from them can decide any diplomatic actions for there was a strict instructions regarding the matter.

During the same era, another war was waged by one Barron Sheridan, a foolish multi mager whose clouded mind by bitter hate challenged the warriors of IoT. It was fierce battle against a corrupted one whose intent was vile a plot to create devastation to the realm. Moreover, this villain would send alot of his reincarnates to fight for him, making it as an endless and exhausting battle. To add, he also changes his name each time he respawned himself from the depths of hell to give him advantage and stealth. But all did not come to his advantage, the mage was brutally slain every new life he attained, and each time, he was not even given a chance to utter a single word at the his last breath. After a series of resurrection, he lost his morale, and his relentless assaults ended as a shameful defeat that forever defiled his name. It tarnished his reputation throughout the ages, and forever the scribes of IoT wrote his name on their scrolls, not to be uttered by the many, but to commemorate the consequences of being dishonarable. They described him as an "immoral idiot who waged war against a guild all by himself and his reincarnates thinking that [they] will be successful in killing the IoTs."

The leadership heard notice of the return of the great lord of RMK. Quickly he sent his envoy to bring forth news of formal surrender, pay tribute and seek an alliance. Their leader, Genesis, gladly accepted IoT's offer and embraced the guild as brother to theirs. The alliance circle grew stonger and larger and included: TFW, Dragon Mages of Terra, and RMK.

[reset 2]

Decades passed, great generals started to flock the IoT, it was the climactic era of the IoT. Henceforth, it started to become what mages discern, a WAR GUILD. The warlords aided the Great Lord Zarkahn on his crusade of strengthening the kingdom, the rampaged throughout Terra creating devastation amongst who opposes, spoke ill and the corrupted. Amongst his great generals, Shahrayar, was the most prominent. The said general frenzied the valiant warriors of IoT in the battlefield, the source of morale and valour. With him as general, the army slew hundreds of corrupted mages(multi mages) in the attempt to cleanse Terra of the plague, a vision Zarkahn foresaw. For most, they described it was genocide, but for IoT, it was their aide to the gods to keep Terra untainted from the corrupt, for, every mage identified as such, without mercy they are sent to perdition. The combat lasted for generations until the destruction of the decade, many sworn vengeance, others cried "injustice"---one thing is certain, IoT was hated.

[reset 3]

Another decade passed, the guild grew more stronger as more members sought refuge, more generals were created, more were promoted to higher ranks, the guild was overwhelmed. The guild was populated more and more and there was an increased scarcity of space, and the urgency for its expansion was very much needed. Aware of the situation, Lord Zarkahn, invoke his two trusted subjects, T'kon macrineu and Deathwarp. They discussed in his great halls of the creation of a sub-guild one that would accomodate the swarming mages willing to join IoT. With the assurance of guidance and protection the Great Lord, what was discussed came to be, T'kon macrineu lead the Jade Temple knights and Deathwarp lead the Darkmages of Terra. Both were fighting side by side with IoT, learning from every encounter and expanding their knowledge in the art of war. Eons passed and a guild called Knightmen challenged IoT in to battle. IoT at its prime, slaughtered all of the foes in three days, and it left them into ruins. They seemed to disintegrate after the war, none ever survived even their envoy and their King was even staked for his insolence. Nobody heired the thrown. It was the end of their realm.

[reset 4]

More battles came every once in a while, all were crushed by IoT's force. All of which were insignificant and was not even worth writing in the Papyrus scrolls of the Scribes. Many were just barbaric hordes and some were assassination plots to overthrow the Lord.

[reset 5]

At this era the IoT was summoned to a greater embodiement of power, the great alliance of the strongest in Terra. Such alliance was founded by Realm of Ages that called forth The Immortals, The avenger, JTK, DMT, TFW, and the IoT. This was the said alliance was adamant and invincible. Although others attempted to crush their immense force, they seemed indelible in the face of Terra, a stigma of greatness and an impediment to the its enemies. As the years went by, Zarkahn was convinced that the subguilds were ready to be weaned. They were a new structure of power, they also were able to invoke organization to their stronghold -- it was time for them to earn their liberty. Hence, they became independent from IoT. Although they were separate, their alliance still made them one.

In pursuit for a firmer coalition, IoT two more guilds, Wizard Academy and The Exiles of Terra. They shared common goals--power and war--they were alike. During the course, Wizard Academy and another guild so-called Guild of Absolute Power was challenged by guild Battle Realms. Both seemed out numbered and overpowered and there was a need to summon IoT. IoT immediately mustered its army, and went to battle. Its allies also insisted to join the war because of the ill comments the foe threw to the entire alliance. All marched and chanted in the battlefield crushing every bit of the foe and made them face the pains of death and the shame of defeat.

[reset 6]

Chaotic Terra was no more. Destruction claimed its entirety. Disintegrated into dust. The halls of immortal laid into ruins and greatness turned to legends, and legends turned to tales and myths. However, there were a few who were able to retrieve certain artifakts of the almost forgotten land, but most remained in the thoughts and memories of the great elders.

To a New Land, The Five Pillars

The wandering warriors of IoT sought refuge to the uncharted lands of The Five Pillars. It tried to establish the same circle they had before, and create the same greatness they had. In their brief settlement, Dark wolfs, challenged them to battle. With their former weapons, and other tools they improvised and accepted the declaration. Dark Wolfs was unknowing of IoT's eternal desire for war and so they were crushed easily. This was the first victory of IoT in this new land. The heads and tools of the enemy they kept as trophies and their skin, scalped and made into hides for making tents to shelter them from the elements. The new land did not satisfy the IoTs and the need to search for a new one urged them. And so they started to hike the scorging dessert heat, and climbed the great mountain ranges.

The Land of Chile, the new realm of Archmagi

During their quest the set foot on another land of the archmagi. It was a land called the Achmage, The Lord. It amazed the IoTs for it found similarity with Terra. However, this did not satisfy them for the gods, lesser gods and the great council seemed corrupted and impartial. "This is a confused terra," one IoT warrior exclaimed. "This should be destroyed as sodom and gomorra was for its corruption and perversion," another added! Our wanderers fled from the lands of The Lord in search for another--a better one they hoped.

The-Reincarnation, the New Terra

After their unending search, they witnessed another thriving society. They tried to interrogate certain locals about the area and found out that it had the similarity and closeness of the Lost Terra. They tried to establish what they had before, and learned more about the said area. After their brief research and exploration, they realized that the land sprung from the reincarnated great mages that roam and dominated in Terra. It was sort of a revival of the old lands, from which the great scribes would recall. Most of the dwellers were from the old Terra, the veterans. The IoTs decided that this is the place they were searching for. They started to rebuild their temples and forts. And the great Zarkahn having lost most of his general due to the exhaustion of the great quest, found his new Warlord, Soulblight, "the bringer of souls to hell."

[reset 1]

IoT's genesis, and the emerging of the Great Warriors. During the early decades of the settlement of the new Terra. IoT gathered up the manuscripts about the new laws, new techniques, they also gathered intelligence amongst the rest of the realms. As stayed longer, they burgeoned and grew adept. They mastered the usage of encantations and commanding creatures to battle. Although it did not recruit for acolytes and apprentices, alot still joined and were welcomed to the stonghold. They younglings were then reared to bear excellent war skills and develop blood thirst. At the middle decade, choas arised when the Dom Dom guild claimed that they mistreat by a certain IoT. According to the said accuser, that certain mage attacked him several times that he had to retaliate and kill. The Lord Zarkahn was disturbed of the events that occured, he was infuriated. He immediately summoned his emisseries to pass his message of WAR to the opposing guild. His mind was befogged by hate and rage, he desired carnage. The foe's emissery spoke of their alibi, a senseless one that did not satisfy the Lord. IoT's troops then marched to siege their kingdom. The killing was so massive and brutal because of the immense hate -- the enemy was overpowered. In defense for their ally, We Are Malaysia, started attacking IoT's mages without any reasons. None from them even sent and emissery to declare war, a cowardly act. However, did this not impede IoT from losing the war, instead the war general Soulblight sent the troops to annihilate WAM for their dastardly approach against the IoT. "Kill kill Kill," one IoT warrior yells, he was at the height of his passion to a trance. It was a massacre between the two guilds, and not a single mercy was even shed because of their inappropriate deeds. They were crushed.

[reset 2]

IoT's evolution, the great War Guild. It all began when one named Murderous, a high council member, was clouded by ill-judgement and hatred to the lordship. Because of the intense evil, he became corrupted and started retaliating to the warriors of IoT. He made a barrage of attacks to most of the IoTs. He was crying out for injustice made to him by the guild. This was the dark age of the guild, and its betrayal made them vulnerable to attacks of others. The Lordship decided to do a quick assassination of the aforementioned mage--and it was done. However, the defamed one reincarnates and started to do his evil tactics again mage after the other. Iot put in so much vigilance and sacrificed its focus to war others. Darkness did not last so long, for the the light was just a few leaps away, and the annoyance persihed. However, it was not the end of the perils of the guild, a guild known as Spite and Dissention threatens the guild with their multi attacks and overtargetting, and the guild needed to act fast towards the hostile actions of which. Their actions ignited war, a fierce battle that united another guild, The covenant who was gonna war STD's ally, Little Red Riding Hood. The war brought forth a new alliance of IoT and the Covenant against the alliance of STD and RED. It was a long battle that lasted a month. However, there was another threat of another guild dominating and occupying the higher halls of the immortals, No Pressure and Beltless Plumbers. STD and Red solicited a truce from both to solidify their army to stop another threat. IoT felt it was best to free them from its conflict and to fight the greater threat. The guild pursued warring against No Pressure and their ally bump. However, during the course of the battle, IoT found out that NP was not the threat they really thought, both made negotiations and eventually it end up being a truce. Bump was still an enemy although its ally was considered not. While on war each exchanged enchantations and invasions of kingdoms. Scrolls with requiems were also used against BUMP. It was a long battle. It made both exhausted. IoT(inspite of its hostilities toward BUMP), declared war against the higher ranked Dead Rabbits. It was a battle until the end since they ingored IoT's offer, a chance to for surrender. The outcome was cataclysmic, of the TDRs were slain before and after armageddon, no mercy was shed because of its arrogance. Prior to their doom, a series enthralling events took place, TDR's allies, Death's and Shadow's Shades and Dogs of War, came to their aide, upon hearing such, IoT's ally TFW stuck back and pursued Zarkahn that they will come to aide to even off the battle. The crash of the warlords began. After being heavily struck and alot of warriors slain, Dogs of War, raised their white flag. They begged for mercy and despised their ally TDR for forcing them into battle. They cut their relations and IoT freed them from the chains of war. Days after, the great warlord sharky, was slain by the great archmagi who summon the arcane for fiery explosing and implanted active volcanoes to his kingdom soon to erupt. And when it did, it was very much devastating, all of its subordinates killed, the crops wiped out, they were starved to death, structures levelled to the ground. Volcano eruption claimed sharky's life. After the death of their warlord, they too raised the white flag, and again despised their ally, TDR. In addition, there was rather some sort of diplomatic inagreement between Pinoy Sairotciv Underground Network Guild and the IoT's. Preoccupied due to the war, PSUN mages starts hitting the guild. This irked the Great Lord, and so he sent his emissery to give them, the "good luck" message for war was imposed between the two. PSUN, mediocre at that time, was not a patable target by IoT and so Zarkahn declared war against Shroud of Darkness -- both were labelled as corrupt to be condemned for violating the decalogue. Both of the aforementioned foes were crushed during the fracas. Furthermore, a guild known as the Bladed Thesis fatuously accused IoT of coordinating with ally COT(Catfish of Terra), it was an unjust statement which by of no proof was made known to the many. The verbal exchanged didn't last long and war broke between the two. IoT claimed glory again after the battle ended, this was a remarkable era.

[reset 3]

The guild was challenged during the early ages of the decade by Colony Raiders. Out of their stupidity they raged towards IoT's armies. However, they frenzied IoT warriors stampede over them and trashed them until all of what remains will turn into bits of dust. Nothing was left from their army. They were wiped out from the face of Terra. Days passed, and they battle lusting IoTs demanded another campaign. They council then decided to challenge the guild higher of higher power, the Knights of the Ancient. It was only a brief encounter and most of their warriors were sent to the cemetery. Although, they were of a huge kingdom, their forts toppled down easy. They were crushed and pounded and accepted defeat immediately. However, all of IoT was an awe a fews days after the battle, some mage broke a seal of destruction. The action was kinda odd because it was too early for the decade to end. The Lordship summoned his council immediately to plot against the destruction of Terra. All of which found out that the dominating force casted the destructive spell. There was little time, and all had to act quickly. After a day of discussion, the guild pursued war against the dominating force, Once Upon a Time. They foe was of great power but IoT was reliant of its warriors and still had the courage to face the lion. The skirmish lasted long, day and night all were enchanting and invading the enemy's kingdom's. Although none got slain, all hopes were dwindling for the sequence of destruction was witnessed day by day. The move of destruction called forth half of the guilds in Terra in support of IoTs preservation of itself and Terra. However, all plans failed, the enemy was so powerful and strong and held their ground. The actions made by the coalition was not futile for it left only 12 of the enemy after armageddon which is so impressive and the greatness will always be remembered in the scrolls of history. IoT is still on it conquest for greatness and forever it will be known to war and create a buffer against the strong and powerful. IoT's best is yet to come!

[reset 4]

With the return of old friends from GOAP IOT had a new ally in GOAP and The Covenant. This trio ended up becomeing a powerful force to be reckoned with. Not many scrolls were kept from this decade, all that is known is what the older vets of IOT can recall.

[reset 5]

another set without scrolls, IOT's activeness falters.

[reset 6]

IOT began by declareing on the guild OUT. most of the reasoning is up for debate as so amny diffent stories have been announced by several reliable sources. The reset fought on as more and more people joined up in the OUT allaince to fight IOT/goap allaince. GOAP would have surely dominated this reset had it not been for the exploitation of bugs dome by god knows who.

[reset 7]

IOT begins this set with the idea of turning over a new leaf. this set zarkahn decides that IOT will not destroy all the guilds in terra, but to gain more power and prove that IOT is more than just a mindless killing machine. IOT starts to gain more power and rank, but the guild encore starts to bang the bigger kingdoms of IOT. To protect his bigger mages from being hit zarkahn tries something he normally would ignore, diplomacy. Now it is not sure if the guild encore ignored the diplomacy, didn't think he was sincere, or just didn't care. the attacks on IOT continued. zarkahn, being outraged by the attacks, declares war. The war last all reset and ends with the end of the decade.

reset 8]

IOT disappears as quickly as they appeared. The warriors scattered to the ends of the earth killing and mameing in whatever fashion they choose. To see an IOT now days is a very rare thing, and usually means your doom. One day there lord will return and reunite the roaming clans of warriors to once again dominate terra in a horrific way that even the gods will not be able to stop.

[Reset 9] (beta)

the war general soulblight finds a group of IOT warriors destroying a small army of mages and decides to try and bring back the former warmachine. With there new bloodthirsty leader IOT rampages throughout this smaller land destroying all that oppse them. Because of the chaotic desruction preformed by the IOT most scrolls documenting the wars and achievments were lost.

[Reset 10] (beta)

Soulblight and his IOT's again destroy terra with no mercy shown to anyone. They begin by marching into the vast lands of the Corperations lands. Battle erupts soons and the crazed IOT start destroying the Tcorps as if they were peasants. Wiht IOT in control of most of tcorps lands, tcorps goes into hideing. Soulblihgt sends in assains and they find the leadership of the corporation. It was soulblight himself who took the help of there leader and then set his minions uponig them slaughtering all, includeing en, women and children. knowing that the bloodthirst of the IOT could never be quenched Tcorps run in fear and ther ekingdom was no more. IOT shows again they are truly the masters of war

[Reset 11] beta

This decade starts with the return of there lord Zarkahn. After years of training and meditation he returns to peice back together his once vast empire. He gather some new leaders in his armies, Venom and Swell the unstopable pair. Seeing that Soulblight has kept the blood lust alive he rewards his greatest general with a statue comemerateing his great achivements. After the ceromonies die down zarkahn begins his campaighn of strengthening his empire and ruleing over terra once agian. There are new and great established kingdoms in this terra, so zarkahn instead of rapeing and pillageing tells his minions to bid there time. As the IOT's armies grow they start becomeing more impatient with the waiting and start piallgeing without order. Zarkahn has to send soulblgiht to execute some of the warriors as an example to the others who try and undermind the great lord. Finnaly zarkahn see's his armies are ready. He first starts by letting his minions loose on terra to pick a fight. But all the kingdoms of terra were so fearful that they just turned a blind eye to the IOT's pillages. IOT rampages throughout terra unchallenged. There were no majors conflicts this set, All cowered in the presence of the greatest warmachine ever assembled. now IOT has the power to once again invade his old homeland and sets it's armies on another, bigger, land......

[Reset 12] (blitz)

Starting this reset of Zarkahn pieced back together his once vast armies. First he found a New general the War goddess LocoLobo descended down to Aid the great lord in his conquest of Conquering terra once again. First Zarkahn need to test his armies so he immediately sent war parties into the surrounding kingdoms. All of the kingdoms fell into submission before the great Warmachine. The first few kingsdoms conquered were The Last of the Avatars, Knights of the Round Table, Beltless Plumbers, Sal Pa Fuera, High Sea Pillagers and Scarface. Zarkahn used the resources and supplies gained in the pillaging of there lands to feed his growing armies, he then lead his armies into the realm of the legendary Catfishers of Terra. Caught off guard from this attack, CoT wasn't able to muster it's army fast enough to put up much of a fight against the mighty IOT's. Zarkahn sensing the bloodlust in his minions eyes could not wait to find another more imposing war. So he accepted the proposals from the realm of N3 and the DFBs and allied up to face the new threat facing terra. But in the midst of the war a civil war broke out in the kingdom of N3. Zarkahn, having been feeling a little betrayed already, Join the side of the rebellion. Breaking ties he broke off war from most of the onslaught and warred the guild Sleeping Dragons as they were old enemies of his. The battle raged for a decade with no gain for either side. When suddenly there war was interrupted but the realm of DND, immediately rage boiled in the eyes of both guilds, they broke there war down and allied up and turned there bloodlust towards the new enemy. The enemy called in its allies and a new global war ensued. The war lasted until the end up the decade. Armageddon destroys alls.

[b]The Reign of LocoLobo[/b]

[Reset 13] (blitz)

IOT assembled it's armies quickly the Dark minions of IOT marched on PG. The battle raged on for many seasons until finally both armies were so exhausted from the slaughter that they ended war so they could reassemble. So Zark knowing his IOT were not as strong as they once were began to train and recruit new memebrs and brand them with the IOT logo. To Train to become an IOT is a feat that few manage to even survive let alone pass. Zarkahn, Old and Tired decied it was time for him to pass the Torch of his decade long rule of destruction to the next generation of IOT. Only one person was capable of handling this feat to keep the blood lust alive but keep IOT's honor in tact as well. The Wolf Goddess LocoLobo. So the reign of Zarkahn was no more and the armies of LocoLobo were now to be unleashed after Terra. As first Act as the Ruler of Apocalypse Loco decides to institute a massive war, the likes of which IOT had not fought in ages. She Declares war on the Entire server and wiping out all that stand in her way. the war lasted a short time before the end of the age. (3-4 weeks) in this time IOT destroyed 36 mages while only losing 6 before the end of the age. This was to be the new beginning of IOT. IOT had gone from being the most Feared guild in Terra Set after Set to lying Dormant for the last few decades. But with New blood and a new Leader IOT should Show once again that they are the greatest warmachine that terra has ever seen.

[Reset 14] (Blitz) Reign of Shinigami to be added

[Reset 15] To be added

[Reset 16] Coming soon to a Reset near you


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