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Build Settings. Hey Bruce Shoutout to you! Ps: Sean got drunk last night and got his ass poked Nodes percentage varies on the type of stacks you use, don't run beyond 44.99% mana income becomes inefficient. 34.99 -44.99 % are you more mana intensive or pop intensive. Every 5% change the rate of efficiency So you're 44.99% is more than your 45%. something like a 5% or 10% decrease in mp generated for every 5% nodes you have Skill point generation from guilds has diminishing returns in much the same way as the mana output of nodes. Guilds however do not have a peak value for efficiency. The efficiency of guilds falls off as the square root function. This means that that for example doubling your number of guilds increases your skill points output by 41% (since sqrt(2/1)~=1.41). The amount of skill points produced by your guild depends solely on the absolute number of guilds you have. Land size is not a factor, neither is the percentage of land dedicated to guilds - except in the sense that a higher percentage also means a higher absolute number.

Source: http://wiki.the-reincarnation.org/index.php/Guilds

There's no optimal rate, as it will depend on colour/situation/preference. Personally I often try to keep around 20% guilds if possible early in the set, to build up skills that will benefit me all the way afterwards. But if putting half of those acres in farms/towns/nodes instead grows you faster, you'll have more land to spare and can quickly make up for having somewhat fewer guilds early on. Obviously if you're dedicating yourself to skill whoring for a time you will want to squeeze in as many guilds as you can.

If you stick to one skill and go reasonable amount of guilds, and keep a reasonable mage size, you should be able to max out one skill before a set is over. Really big mages or really hardcore skill whores might max out two, but that's more of an exception. You should also consider whether it's really worth going all in for a single skill, considering that you can quickly get significant bonuses in several skills with rather limited effort. Again, personal preference.