Knights of Terra

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The world of Terra was feeling its destruction. Gods were planning to eradicate all life on Terra. The magic was becoming stronger and stronger and harder to control. An entire era of wars that lead to power through the spilling of blood had brought Terra to its doom.

Now the dark faces of those who wanted total power were instigating wars from the shadows and now more than ever the need for heroes was great. The old alliances have broken, and new alliances written in the blood of those who had passed are leading Terra to its final destruction. One mage of the Old World was planning his revenge on those dark forces that were devouring Terra.

Apollo had removed himself from all sight to his timeless fortress where he had become steeped in the ancient elemental magic, in his possession one of the most powerful and feared items of the Elder days, the “Horn of Power”, forged in the deepest darkness of the arcane realm of Eldhaven by an eternal force of the Old World. The “Horn of Power” will give the mage who wields it the power to summon the most powerful elemental mages of the Old World.

Locked in his tower at Ankar, protected by mystic runes of power, Apollo, using the power of the five elementary forces, the magic of the ancients, creates the perfect place for the forbidden item “Horn of Power” to be used. Once used, the power of the item cannot be undone. After Apollo uses the horn, thousands of earthquakes hit Terra, the sky grows dark and the smell of death fills the air and the spirits of the ancients can be felt stirring in the aether. A few days later, a whisper brought by the wind to Apollo, announces a host of bloody war ravaged mages coming to the last tower of Ankar, the last bastion of the Old World, laying waste to everything that stands in their path.

Those mages were conjuring the elements, a magic not seen for thousands of years. The army of these ancient re-incarnated mages had many creatures of the abyss, the land, fire, the air and the heavens, unseen in Terra for ages and after their passing only death remained on a ground covered with blood, though it must be said that seedlings had once again begun to sprout. The host, lead by a young mage named Silverspy, came to a halt in front of the tower, where upon the battlements they spied Apollo in his fierce red dragon scale armour, the aura of his power shone like a beacon, just beyond his right shoulder stood a shimmering almost nothingness of impenetrable power as guard to his back, and there they knelt and to Apollo did they pledge their fealty unto and beyond death, for with the five elements unleashed once again, they swore to return from the grave to uphold their pledge, to fight the new gods and their spawn. They would protect Terra for all of eternity.

In that moment, there, in front of the ageless Tower, as the alliance was made they took unto them the name “Knights of Terra”. They are the forbidden warriors. Their name stands for, brotherhood, honour, loyalty and respect. All of those who will oppose them, will feel their steal in their bodies, and death in their souls, for they will never stop, they will always return to visit upon those hell’s spawn the righteous wrath of Terra.

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