Legion of the White Rose

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The Legion of the White Rose was founded October 4, 1998 by six Archmagi on what was then known as "Server I" of the online strategy game, Archmage. Composed of three original "Elders", Kendricke, Grimrose, and Quantos, the original Legion roster also included the Archmagi SirDragos, Tebrial, and Solace.

Quickly becoming a guild of some reknown, the membership rolls of the Legion grew within the first few months till over 80 members called the guild home. New Elders were promoted from within the ranks, and several guilds were merged into the Legion, starting a longstanding tradition of absorbing smaller guilds seeking refuge.

The Legion remained upon Server I till the new Ager servers opened up, whereupon the guild moved servers after the fourth Reset.

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