Library Of Angels

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Guild: Library of Angels

Shortname: LoA

Server: Arch/Apprentice

Leader: none

Status: Disbanded


The Library Of Angels was created by Alfred/Hewe/Pace in '''1998'''. 2nd and the 3rd founding members were Dakkon and Jessika. Morenfen came into the guild about a month before Khaine, who would later become a "council member". Skaldraith was the next to join, who followed the same path as Khaine. Optiquest was a proud member of the Library, also is still a long time friend with the history of the guild!

Although the guild started off fairly well, the few founding members had to depart for RL the guild started to decay. These included Egnaro, who after moving onto the Rifters Of Matter, would HoF several times. Somewhere in this time Optiquest and Ravenwulf helped keep the guild alive with their strong leadership.

The guild completely died after the creation of Angels of Unity. LOA was to remain for training new recruits to join the Legion of Reborn Paladin and Angels of Unity, but soon interest ran out. Angels of Unity carried the name and banner of the Library in storage for sometime.

When Mari shut down Angels of Unity just about died. The new chilean version of the game brought back interest and some members. But then it was told of a game where English players were welcome called The Reincarnation.

Library of Angels was recreated to form a guild in this new game while at the same time the members of LOA/AOU were still playing the chilean game under the AOU flag. In this new game the Library is flourishing once again.

The guild was run by Ravenwulf, until his RL job took him away. The guild was next run by a conglomeration of High Council members under the direction of Annatsu. A few of the old LOA and AOU members have returned. Janus, Pace, Mobojo, Aenas and even Optiquest grace the halls playing when they can.

Current News

Currently LoA is being led by HolyLord assisted by Nosaj and three other high council members, there has also been the return of previous members, Judged,tutankhamenandSkaldraith which has added new life to LoA.

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