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Rules of Engagement

§1. Counters can be taken by the attacked mage or one of our members till 48 hours later.

§2. Two attacks by the same mage within 48 hours are considered a multi-attack.

§3. We consider an attack being: A Siege, Regular, Pillage or Item. The item has to be beneficial for the attacking mage.

§4. Any multi-attack or only harmfull spell or item will be considered an act of war, and will earn you a place on our enemy list.

§5. Attacks without arrow will recieve 2 counters (r, rnd, once, etc. included). Counters in these cases do not expire. No but's about it. If you are too lazy you might as well face the consequences. This is to improve your game experience.

§6. We do not respect hallucination. In other words attack is considered to being fought only when the armies have met. Not when some poor bugger of a general found himself lost in a fog.

§7. Be polite. We will too. In extreme cases being impolite might earn you a place on our enemy list.


-Founded in 1998

-Allies: Nighthawks, Guardians of Knowledge, and The Imperium

-Last Known Members (active): Akhorahil, Lord Derfel, Dwar(grizzmo), Goblin King, merry, sirhiss, Morgoth, Akallabeth

-Currently disbanded for unknown period of time

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