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Reinforcements are extra stacks of units, that come to help in battles.

They are send to you by your allied mages, or by a god (see Icon NETHER.gif Contract of the Soul).

Which stacks are sent

  • In the first 24h / 48h of an alliance, allies do not send each other reinforcements at all.
    • thereafter, there is a good chance the ally will send reinforcements.
    • If you have 3 stacks, you send reinforcements 33% of the time (april 2008)
    • If you have 4 stacks, you send reinforcements 67% of the time (april 2008)
  • The ally needs to have at least 3 stacks to send reinforcements.
    • What stack (3rd or lower) is send is picked random, but follows the rules below.
    • Allies never send each other their 1st and 2nd biggest stacks (biggest by power, see status report).
    • Only the 3rd-5th stack in terms of highest raw power will be sent(unmodified by melee/ranged/flying modifiers).
    • One of the 3rd, 4th or 5th biggest stack is selected as random for reinforcement
    • If there are too large power differences, no reinforcements are sent
      • The reinforcement stack power must be less than 50% of the helped army.

---> As of 6/17/2014 "The 'distance' between allies is not a direct factor in what reins are sent, even if there is a correlation. The rule is that you can't receive a stack of reins that is bigger than 50% of the total army size (NP) of the mage you're hitting. So if you're hitting a 10 mil mage who has 5 mil army, the biggest rein stack you can get is 2.5 mil NP. The final determination of what stack gets sent comes from a random roll between the three biggest qualifying stacks (excluding top two and too large stacks) of the ally. If no stacks qualify, no reins are sent." -Laanders

--> on July 8, 2014 guild server. System sent my 11th stack, which is 19500 frogs to aid my ally in a defense battle. My ally's total net power is around 4.2 million, while my total net power is around 10.4 million.

      • However, Satan's Devils come to reinforce you no matter what power the stack you send.


Pairing of Reinforcements

  • In a battle, attacking and defending mage each can receive reinforcements from two allies.

Reinforcements will attack....

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Being a good ally

  • Have ultimate units 3rd/4rd in power - stack/disband to make that happen (Icon VERDANT.gif, Icon PHANTASM.gif, Icon ASCENDANT.gif, Icon ERADICATION.gif)