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General Terms
Archmage: AM
Archspace: AS
The Reincarnation: TR
Player: Mage
No Description: ND
Unguilded: ND
Spell Level : SL
Net Power : NP
Fortresses : Forts, Fort
Barriers: Bars, Bar
Resistance: Res
Mana: MP
Life: HP
Attack Power: Damage, AP
Initiative: Init
Nether: Black
Eradication: Erad, Red
Ascendant: Asc, White
Phantasm: Phant, Blue
Verdant: Verd, Green
Apprentice Server: App
Server Guild Server: Server, Guild, S1
Blitz Guild: Blitz, BG, B2
Blitz Solo: Blitz, Solo, B3
Damaged: D, Protection, Prot
Council Protection: P, Council, Protection, Prot
Meditation: Med, M
Armageddon: Arma
Fury of God: FoG
Hall of Immortals: HoF, Hall, HoI
Time Twister: TT, Twister

Union of Honor: UoH
Hall of Sages: HoS
Banquet Hall: BH
Off-Topic: OT

Neutral Units
Archers: Arch
Cavalry : Cav
Bounty Hunter : BH
Mercenary: Merc
Renegade Wizard: RW
Trained Elephant: Elephant
Falcon: Falc
Iron Golem: IG

Ascendant Units
Knights Templar: KT
High Priest: HP
Catapults: Cata
Paladins: Pal
Pegasus/Pegasi : Peg/Pegs
Soul Speakers: SS
Astral Magicians: AM
Angels: A
Archangels: AA
Unicorns: Uni
Spirit Warrior: SW
Dominions: Doms, Dom

Ascendant Spells
Armor of Light: Armor
Blinding Flash: BF, Flash
Descent of Holy Being: Descent, Summon Dom
Heavenly Protection: HP
Holy Word: Word
Locate Artifact: LA
Love and Peace: LnP, L&P, LP
Platinum Hand of Healing: PHoH, Plat, Plat Hand, Hand
Protection from Evil: Prot, Prot from Evil, PoE
Protection from Missle: PoM
Resist Elements: Resist, RE
Resurrection: Res
Sword of Light: SoL, Sword
The Holy Light: THL, HL, Holy Light

Verdant Units
Creeping Vines: Vines, CV
Earth Elemental: EE
Elven Archer: EA
Elven Magician: EM
Faerie Dragon: FD
Griffon: Griff
Mandrake: Drake
Phoenix: Nix
Swanmay: Swan
Treant: Tree
Werebear: WB

Verdant Spells
Call Hurricane: CH
Enlarge Animal: EA, Enlarge
Eye of the Eagle: Eye
Nature's Cure: NC
Nature's Favor: NF, Favor
Nature's Lore: NL, Lore
Plant Growth: PG
Regeneration: Regen
Rust Armor: RA, Rust
Serenity: Seren
Sunray: Ray, Sun
Summon Locust Swarm: SLS
Weather Summoning: WS
Web of the Spider Woman: WotSW, WSW, Web

Eradication Units
Chimera: Chim
Dwarven Deathseeker: DD
Dwarven Elite: Elite, DE
Dwarven Warrior: DW
Efreeti: Eff, Freeti
Fire Elemental: FE
Fire Giant: FG
Hellhound: HH
Lizard men: Lizard, Lizmen, Liz
Red Dragon: RD
Salamander: Sal
Troglodyte: Trogs
Wyvern: Wyv

Eradication Spells
Battle Chant: BC
Call Lightning: CL
Chain Lightning: CL
Destroy Artifacts: DA
Flame Blade: FB
Flame Shield: FS
Giant Strength: GS, Giant
Gravity Pull: GP, Pull
Lightning Strike: Lightning
Meteor Storm: MS
Volcano Eruption: VE

Phantasm Units
Air Elementals: Air, AE
Djinni: Djinn
Ice Elementals: Ice, IE
Leviathan: Lev
Medusa: Med
Mind Ripper: MR, MF, Flayer, Ripper, Mind Flayer
Psychic Wisps: Wisps
Shadow Monster: Mirage Monster
Water Elemental: Water, WE

Phantasm Spells
Concentration: Conc
Confuse: Conf
Conjure Elemental: CE, Conjure
Double Time: DT
Feet of Hermes: Feet, Hermes, FoH
Fog Cloud: Fog
Fool's Gold: FG
Hallucination: Hallu, Hall
Invisibility: Invis
Laziness: Laz
Mental Thrash: Thrash
Mind Bar: Bar, MB
Paralyze: Para
Scrying Mirror: Scry
Steal Artifact: SA, Steal
Temporal Stasis Field: TSF
The Wall of Silence: Wall, WoS

Nether Units
Cave Troll: Troll
Dark Elf Magician: DEM
Demon Knight: DK
Fallen Angel: Fallen A, FA
Fallen Archangel: Fallen AA, FAA
Fallen Dominion: Fallen Dom, FDom
Horned Demon: HD
Orc Raider: Raider
Orcish Archer: OA
Skeleton: Skel
Succubus: Succ
Unholy Reaver: UR, Reaver
Vampire: Vamp
Wolf Raider: Raider, Wolf Rider
Zombie: Zomb

Nether Spells
Battle Lust: BL, Lust
Black Death: BD
Black Sabbath: BS, Sabbath
Blood Curse: BC, Curse
Blood Ritual: BR, Ritual
Contract of the Soul: CoS, CotS, Contract, Devil
Death and Decay: D&D, DD, DnD
Dreams of Seduction: Succubi, DoS, Dreams
Foul Water: FW
Gaze of Death: GoD, Gaze
Kiss of the Vampire: Kiss, KoV
Night of the Living Dead: NotLD, Night, NoLD
Shroud of Darkness: Shroud, SoD
Touch of Necromancy: Touch, Necromancy

Veteran: Vet
Alchemist: Alch
White Knight: WK
Amazon: Zon
Fire Elementalist: FE
Berzerker: Zerker
Dragon Knight: DK
Valkyrie: Valk
Crypt Keeper: Keeper
Devil Prince: Prince
Dread Knight: DK
Necromancer: Necro
Soul Reaper: Reaper
Shield Maiden: Maiden, SM

Hero Abilities
Wall of Thorn: WoT
Soul Devour: Devour
Dragon Rider: Rider

Lesser Items
Ash of Invisibility: Ash
Bloodstained Map: Map, BM
Book of Prophecy: BoP, Book
Brooch of Protection: BoP, Brooch
Bubble Wine: BW, Wine, Bubble
Candle of Sleeping: Candle
Capsule Monster: Capsule
Carpet of Flying: Carpet, CoF
Dozens of Silver-Tipped Arrows: Arrows, Silver Arrows
Drums of War: Drums
Figurine of Ice Queen: Figurine
Flasks of Holy Water: Flasks, Holy Flask, Holy Water
Horn of Valhalla: Horn
Javelin of Lightning Bolt: Jav, Javelin
Letters of Theive's Guild: Letters
Magical Compass: MC, Compass
Mana Crystal: MC, Crystal
Mana Vortex: Vortex
Minor Indulgence: MI
Monkey Brains: MB, Brains
Official List of Demands: List, Official List
Oil Flasks: Flasks, Oils
Ointment of Healing: Ointment
Pipes of Sewer: Pipes
Potion of Valor: PoV
Pouch of Herbs: Pouch, Herbs, PoH
Pouder Keg: Keg
Ring of Animal Command: RoAC, Ring
Rotten Food: Food
Sage Stone: Stone
Satchel of Mist: Satchel
Scroll of Protection from Fire: Scroll, Scroll of Prot, Scroll of Fire Prot
Staff of Illusion: Staff
Strange Metallic Can: SMC, Can
The Head of Medusa: HoM, Head
The Spider's Web: Web
Total Newbie Handbook: Newbie, Handbook
Treasure Chest: Chest
Treasure Map: Map
Vial of Venom: Vial, VoV, Venom
Voodoo Doll: Doll
Wine of Three Whips: Wine, W3W, WoTW

Ancient Staff of Pure Quartz: Quartz Staff
Ancient Tome: Tome
Atomic Bomb: A-Bomb
Basin of Far Seeing: Basin
Black Ankh: Ankh
Blood Knife: BK
Blue Ice: Ice
Burning Incense: Incense
Efreeti Bottle: Bottle
Egg of Time: Egg
Helm of ESP: Helm
Holy Grail: HG, Grail
Iron Golem: IG, Golem
Lipstick of Enslavement: Lipstick
Love Potion #9: Potion
Pouch of Infinite Wealth: Pouch
Sceptre of Rulership: Sceptre
Spectacles of True Seeing: Spectacles
The Altar of Blood: Altar
The Magic Mirror: Mirror
The Mirror of the Grey Witch: Mirror

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