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Current Version: v0.3
Contributors/Special Thanks: Dark Arts Group, Godmode, and the many visitors Hall of Sages
Compilation History:
-(v0.1 [Basic Info])
-(v0.2 [Spell Info])
-(v0.3 [Skill Info])
-(Alzorath Retired, Changed Title to "General Mechanics FAQ" Oct. 2007)
Last Updated: December 2006
   All information provided in this guide is attained through research, testing, and other "observational" techniques. The information in this guide does not necessarily reflect the actual coding of the game, merely imitates the results. This FAQ is not directly associated with The Reincarnation (Project X) ,or its administrators. Information provided within is provided "as is", and while we (the researchers, and compiler alike) attempt to keep the information as accurate as possible we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to the frequency of updates to the game at the time of this compilation, as well as the rare occassion that there may be a situation that fell outside of our testing that returns different results (a situation like this has yet to occur, but it is a remote possibility).
To request changes, point out typos, or submit questions for the FAQ Private Message Alzorath with the information and/or question.
Private Messaging requires an account on the TR UBB

This FAQ is advanced stuff, beyond the basic information, so it assumes:
1. You have read, or understands all information contained in Player's Manual [1] and the Startup Guide [2]
2. you have played the Tutorial, and/or a good part of a full game round (reset) of The Reincarnation.
3. You have general understanding of information such as unit attack power, unit life, net power, resistances, and relations between these.
Some information from the aforementioned "requirements" may be restated, but this is merely for reinforcement of ideas, not all information will be repeated.


Here is a list of the different major sections of this FAQ
Section 1 - Kingdom Resources - Turns, Mana, Geld, and Population
Section 2 - Turn and Effect - Order of effects surrounding turn usage
Section 3 - Battle - Information and Formulae concerning combat
Section 4 - Mage Status - The different mage statuses and information about them
Section 5 - The Gods - Information about Favor/Disfavor and the gods
Section 6 - Net Power and Spell Level - Net Power effectors, and basic Spell Level Information
Section 7 - Heroes and Heroines - Information concerning Heroes and Heroines
Section 8 - Spell Information - Information concerning commonly used/misunderstood spells
Section 9 - Items - What items do what
Section 10 - Skills - General Information about Skills
Section 11 - Terminology - General Terminology

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Recommended Reading

Ronin's War Formulas
Roxton's Tips for Verdants
Researching for dummies
Those are all good general reading, for more help look under the color specific guides in the Guides section of the wiki. Also located there is a list of useful tools, as well as other guides you may find useful.