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Originally featured on the The Reincarnations portal main page, this is the wiki version of the Player's Manual.

This version is a more up-to-date, edited and cross-linked version, that started from the portal-version by Groentje.


Chapter 1 briefly introduces wannabe players what the game is:

  • turns and time | competition | the five mage specialities (colours)


Chapter 2 explains how to create a New Mage

  • one time TR account creation | day-to-day login for mage play.
  • It advises on what to do when you have trouble Logging In.
  • It points to other sources that are useful when learning to play, e.g. by guiding you through your First 120 turns.


Chapter 3 goes through the Throne Room options in the Main Menu.

  • It explains what your Status Report is for and how In-game messaging works.
  • It goes along all the mage options, including Mage Description | Meditation | Deleting your mage.
  • The Audience link is more or less skipped, as heroes are discussed in a later chapter.


Chapter 4 goes through most of the INTERIOR part of the main menu. It discusses:

  • Buildings and what you need them for.
  • Resources and what you use them for.
  • Gelding, Recruiting and Exploring.


Chapter 5 goes through the MAGIC section of the main menu. It explains:

  • Adjacent and opposite magic specialities
  • Researching spells
  • M.P. charging and using Spells and Items
  • Running, dispelling and tracking enchantments
  • The concept of Armageddon


Chapter 6 deals with the battle aspects of the game.


Chapter 7 decribes the SOOTHSAYER part of the main menu. It deals with:

It briefly explains Heroes.


Chapter 8 deals with the Diplomacy and Society sections of the main menu.

  • It discusses allies and guilds (why to seek them and join them)
  • It explains the guild management functions.
  • It includes the Supporting Guild Features


This section is not written yet. Will be Chapter 9 one day, perhaps --- for now: see skills.


Chapter 10 deals with the cemetery, the decalogue, and the UBB board. Come to speak of it, this wiki should also be mentioned there!

(-: We're glad to inform you this was the final chapter :-) The entire development team of The Reincarnation and their helpers wish you good luck and fun playing!